WordPress & Joomla theme users beware!

  • August 1st, 2007

Thanks to Milo for giving me the heads-up concerning the discomforting news which targets WordPress & Joomla users.

Templates Browser is re-distributing public blog themes which are modified in such a way as to exploit the end user by inserting hidden spam or malware links. A quick search concerning the website pulls up the following links on AboutUs, Joomla forums, and Onnoot – here & here.

The links are inserted via an additional functions.php file which is included with the theme downloads. If you’re shopping around for public themes, I strongly recommend that you download directly from the original authors website.

Unfortunately, one of my own public themes – 5ThirtyOne V2 – is one of the "dirty" themes that has been modified and is currently being redistributed.

Spread the word and inform other WordPress & Joomla users – Digg this.

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