Welcoming WordPress 2.7 with an updated Grid Focus release

WordPress 2.7 is available for download. The update packs a number of new features that any current or new WordPress user will welcome with open arms.

WordPress Upgrader

Automatic updates

WordPress 2.6 already offered immediate plugin updates directly from within the admin Dashboard. 2.7 adds a little more convenience by providing that same functionality PLUS core – WordPress upgrades – updates.

The WordPress Upgrader will give you the option of downloading, installing, and upgrading to the latest WordPress version from your Administration Panel.

Rest assured that the added functionality is for convenience purposes. Automatic updates are initiated by a site admin and are not done automatically behind the scenes.

Significant Dashboard updates

Admin Dashboard screenshot

This latest update will take some getting used – navigation, shortcuts, and controls. Fortunately, most of the primary functions are available front and center (less digging through menus).

Sticky posts

Somewhere between normal posts and excerpts / asides. WordPress 2.7 provides a new editor option which allows users the option to "stick" post(s) to your front page. Great for featuring and protecting content that you do not want pushed off of the front.

Grid Focus WordPress theme update

Grid Focus updated for WP 2.7

A long overdue update for the Grid Focus theme originally released in May 2007. Grid Focus is WordPress 2.6 / 7+ compatible. If you want the threaded comments feature enabled, please update to WP 2.7 before installing. Save any personal modifications you may have made to the theme before updating (most of the code was re-written and cleaned up). More details, a summary, and demo of the update can be found on the download page.

Discuss - 72 Comments

  1. Michael says:

    Will you be updating your other themes as well for 2.7 – or just GridFocus for now?

    • Derek says:

      I will probably do an official update for The Unstandard. I know there are a few variants that have been modified and are being redistributed. If I update anything else beyond that, it will probably be October Special. I’m dropping support for the older V2, Foliage, and Foliage Mod releases.

    • Jeff says:

      Sad to see support for Foliage Mod go. That was one of my favourite WordPress themes.

  2. Blue says:

    Looking good. Interested to see the full benefits of the upgrade for my own site. The dashboard certainly looks an improvement, I’ll be able to do away with my Lighter Menus plugin!

  3. Hi Derek,

    Found a small bug on the demo site.. On Firefox 3 with Adblocker installed the 3rd column falls under the 2nd column.. But if disable adblocker, both the columns fall correctly under the adsense ad, as you expected..

    Looks like a minor bug with the CSS..

    Cheers 🙂

  4. Daus says:

    Looking forward to your October Special Update. Love that theme 😉

  5. do you happen to have any problems with the Visual Editor? coz I do and I hope I can find some answer. on WP forums, no one answered to my q, so… I hope maybe you have some idea.

    • Derek says:

      I don’t actually use the visual editor. Unless things have changed, the last time I tested it I noticed it added a lot of extraneous markup to posts. I’m interested to hear what issues the visual editor is having.

  6. Chris says:

    I just did a fresh install of 2.7, and can’t get the Links widget to show up when using Grid Focus. Any thoughts?

    • Derek says:

      The only reason I can think of the Links widget not working is because it wasn’t properly saved. Does the widget not work correctly in any of the columns?

    • Chris says:

      Something else is awry–the Links widget isn’t showing up in any themes… I’ll dig around elsewhere.

      Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for the awesome theme!

  7. Naren Ubi says:

    Hi Derek, thanks for this nice theme!

    I’ve a problem with the sidebar, and it is strange 🙁 When I click on the posts’ title (permalink), I dont see the middle side bar. You may check that out here – http://whatshappen.in/ How come the middle sidebar could display well on the home page but not in single post mode? Can you please advice?

    Thanks in advance!

    –Naren Ubi

  8. Naren Ubi says:

    Never mind, problem resolved 🙂 My fault, forgot to explore the primary-post sidebar which was empty 😉 Thanks for your thoughts on providing a separate sidebar for singleposts…!!

    • Bob says:

      Thats exactly the same trap I fell into. Now I long for the days of draggable widgets and multiple sidebars on the admin page. Got a lot of txt to C&P about the place :S

  9. K says:

    Thanks Derek, this theme is addicting. I’m loving the new threaded comment function. Thanks for this.

  10. Naren Ubi says:

    Hi, how do I display author names along with blog posts? There are more than 2 authors for my blog, and it is a bit difficult to know the names of the authors without that being displayed!?! Can you please help Derek?

  11. Naren Ubi says:

    Thanks much Derek! That was very helpful. However, I just followed your instructions, tweaked the stylesheet, and inserted the author name alongside the date and comments. You may have a look http://whatshappen.in/

    There is one more help that I may ask 😉 How to link the author name to all his posts? I think that will be good and complete! Thanks in advance!!

    • Derek says:

      As far as I know there is nothing baked into WordPress that will link an authors name to all of their posts. You’ll need to make use of a plugin for that. I’ve used the Posts by Author plugin before. Not sure if it is 2.7 ready.

  12. Naren Ubi says:

    Great, thanks!

    Just wanted to ask you one thing, not directly related to this Grid focus theme. The ‘Syndicate’ drop down menu is your own creation? or are you using a WP plugin? Looks impressive !!

  13. ikoko says:

    what type of plugin that you use for “reply” ??

    thank u…

  14. ikoko says:

    hi Derek, sorry. I want to ask u something.

    How to enlarge the gravatar at the comment section?

    I had enlarge the gravatar at legacy.comment.com from 16 – 30 but it seems like no changes after that..

  15. K says:

    I noticed, on IE (office PC) the footer navigation is not showing my blog’s main page & it crashes
    on single entry page but not on my Mac. Strange.

    Do you know, what’s causing this?

    • Derek says:

      What version of IE are you using? There must be a script you are running on your site that is causing the issue. A clean install runs as expected in IE6 / IE7. I tried loading your site in IE6 & IE7 and it errored out before opening the home page. Try testing by removing scripts / disabling plugins one at a time?

    • K says:

      Thanks Derek, I am using IE6 in my office. I am leaving the IE upgrade to the tech guy – and I too, thought it’s the plugin I am using that causes the error.

      Many thanks again.

  16. ikoko says:

    hi Derek..

    i’m again..

    wanna ask u this…

    If you are running a pre 12/05/08 release of Grid Focus, please note that much of the code was re-written. Please save any personal modifications you may have made before installing the latest edition.

    what do you meant by this? 12/05/08 = Dec, 05., 2008 or May, 12, 2008 ??

  17. Drix says:

    Thanks for a great theme, but I have an issue with images not aligning. Check this for examle: http://www.edits.no/2008/11/crate-digging-pa-ringstrøms/

    Here the image is set to align left, but the text still displays as it was set to no alignement. Is there an easy way to fix this?

    • Derek says:

      I didn’t use the alignleft class for images in posts. The stylesheet is using the floatleft or floatright classes for floating images. You’ll need to add alignleft & alignright to the stylesheet yourself.

  18. Sven says:

    Hi Derek,

    thanks for this wonderful theme! I love love it (and use it ;))! This clear style is the right for my eyes :).
    Also I will update my WordPress next time, I hope without problems.

    Kind Regards,

  19. Carlos says:

    Hello Derek,

    I am interesting in posting comments on pages but the it seems that it is not working, I can see the post in the blog section but it does not work on pages. Please let me know how can this be done.


    Love your theme!



    • Derek says:

      Carlos, if you want to add comments to pages, simply open page.php and add the code below immediately before the <?php endwhile; endif; ?>.

      <div id="commentsContainer">
      <?php comments_template(); ?>

  20. Carlos says:

    Dear Derek,

    I want to thank you for your prompt response!!!!!!

    It works!!