Welcoming WordPress 2.7 with an updated Grid Focus release

  • December 10th, 2008

WordPress 2.7 is available for download. The update packs a number of new features that any current or new WordPress user will welcome with open arms.

WordPress Upgrader

Automatic updates

WordPress 2.6 already offered immediate plugin updates directly from within the admin Dashboard. 2.7 adds a little more convenience by providing that same functionality PLUS core – WordPress upgrades – updates.

The WordPress Upgrader will give you the option of downloading, installing, and upgrading to the latest WordPress version from your Administration Panel.

Rest assured that the added functionality is for convenience purposes. Automatic updates are initiated by a site admin and are not done automatically behind the scenes.

Significant Dashboard updates

Admin Dashboard screenshot

This latest update will take some getting used – navigation, shortcuts, and controls. Fortunately, most of the primary functions are available front and center (less digging through menus).

Sticky posts

Somewhere between normal posts and excerpts / asides. WordPress 2.7 provides a new editor option which allows users the option to "stick" post(s) to your front page. Great for featuring and protecting content that you do not want pushed off of the front.

Grid Focus WordPress theme update

Grid Focus updated for WP 2.7

A long overdue update for the Grid Focus theme originally released in May 2007. Grid Focus is WordPress 2.6 / 7+ compatible. If you want the threaded comments feature enabled, please update to WP 2.7 before installing. Save any personal modifications you may have made to the theme before updating (most of the code was re-written and cleaned up). More details, a summary, and demo of the update can be found on the download page.