Viewzi, rich interactive search results for WordPress

As much as I prefer WordPress as my blogging platform, I have never been a fan of the baked in search functionality which has proven to be hit or miss – more often a "miss".

WordPress will search your posts but overlook any custom pages or discussions. To fill the void, I relied on Dan Cameron’s plugin – Search Everything. Despite the thoroughness of the plugin, I realized that I still wanted more from search results. More in the sense that the input field at the top of the page should search ALL of my content – not limiting itself to just As an example, there is no reason why a search for "volkswagen" shouldn’t bring up results from blog posts or comments and Flickr photos.

Two start ups are fighting to replace [or supplement] the search field at the top of your site for searching all of your online content: Viewzi and Lijit. I took a look at both, installed the two, played with integration, and checked / compared search results. In the end I decided the best choice was Viewzi for its attractive execution and upcoming features. This is a walk through of the service, setup, and integration.

Background behind the Viewzi search plugin

Viewzi search results for Apple iPhone

Although the Viewzi search plugin is relatively new, the company behind the service has offered its search engine to the public for quite some time (see Crunchbase profile). Viewzi is not trying to revolutionize how websites are indexed. Instead, the service aims to offer users a unique interactive dimensional slice for search query. Viewzi makes use of a handful of API’s from the likes of Google, Yahoo, and to generate its rich search results.

Integrating Viewzi with your own site

Integrating Viewzi with your WordPress powered site is a quick and painless process requiring five steps taking no more than 5-minutes:

  1. Register an account at
  2. Download the Viewzi search plugin
  3. Unzip and upload to your plugins directory /wp-content/plugins
  4. Activate the Viewzi plugin (add your unique activation code)
  5. Insert the Viewzi function wherever you want the search field to appear

The end result is a basic search field ready for any additional CSS you might want to sprinkle on top.

Search results, what to expect on a Viewzi enabled site

It is immediately obvious that the Viewzi search plugin lacks some of the richer channels utilized by the main site However, what you do get works very well with lucene indexing of your your posts, custom pages, and comments all in a single attractive view overlaying your site. For those that may not like the idea of mixing post results with reader comments, the plugin offers an "Only Posts" filter.

Viewzi blog results thumbnail Viewzi flickr results thumbnail Viewzi timeline results thumbnail

Currently (as of 12/16/08), Viewzi offers three distinct views of results: Blog Search (filtering for Only Posts, Only Comments, or a combination of the two), Flickr (index of your Flickr photos matching the search terms), Blog Timeline (horizontal visual of activity on your site), and Blog Video (disabled on this site for lack of video content). Additional "channels" are expected.

Viewzi Search vs. WordPress default

How does Viewzi compare to the default WordPress search engine?

  Viewzi WordPress
Posts Yes Yes
Pages Yes No
Comments Yes No
Combined external results Yes No
Engine Lucene (Google/Yahoo) SQL

Viewzi is the better choice when it comes to replacing the default search field for a WordPress site. I contemplated going the route of Google Custom Search for more accurate results – but why integrate a chunk of code which looks out of place on 75% of websites? The great thing is that Viewzi results – of your site – are powered by Google, Yahoo, and APIs.

Viewzi vs. Lijit

Viewzi and Lijit are both appealing options for anyone who wants all of their online content indexable and searchable by visitors on their site(s). However, based on the current interfaces of both services, Viewzi offers a richer, simpler, more attractive experience.

Viewzi UI Lijit UI

Other WordPress search options: plugins & add-ons

  • Viewzi – Search replacement. Modal window renders results using an attractive UI with lucene indexing.
  • Lijit – Search replacement. Modal window renders your site results alongside your other social sites.
  • Search Everything – Improves the searchability of your database to include pages, comments, drafts, attachments, and more.
  • wpSearch – Replaces the standard WordPress search with the open source lucene engine.
  • Sphinx – Full text search engine. Installation instructions for WordPress.

Discuss - 18 Comments

  1. Thanks for the kind words Derek, we’re glad you love Viewzi Site Search! I also really appreciate that you make a comparison to other site search products out there.

  2. Sounds very promising. But it seems to be a tad slow for me. And when i tried the blog search nothing comes up. While on the flickr and timeline i get results. (I tried volkswagen ;)). There’s also no “not found” message. But that might just be my computer. Other than that it sounds great.

    • Derek says:

      Possible updates going on behind the scenes. A search for Volkswagen seems to work ok without any slowness. Of course, replacing the built in search for something like plugin based Viewzi will always be a little slower.

  3. Naren Ubi says:

    Wow, you over took me!! I was comparing Lijit that I installed on my site at with Viewzi on your site. Of course, I came across Viewzi only through your site, thanks for this!! Though I find Viewzi a bit slower than Lijit (both of them are slow, trust me!), the end result of Viewzi is more appreciable, I’ll be installing and testing Viewzi on my new blog, and will take the final call.

  4. Naren Ubi says:

    Hmm..tried to activate the plugin. Throws me a fatal error. Looks like the plugin is not yet ready for WP 2.7!??!

  5. Hey Naren.

    Could you email me at cjdavis at so we can find out what is up. The plugin should run fine under 2.7.


  6. Naren Ubi says:

    @Derek – Any tip on where I must include the Viewzi search code?

    • Derek says:

      Personally, I had no issue replacing the default search field. If I were using the Grid Focus theme I would probably do the same using Viewzi in the header and footer.

    • Naren Ubi says:

      I did and I expected to see some change. The header and footer search portion is just blank. I think ‘m done with this..

    • Derek says:

      That’s unfortunate that you’ve given up implementing because changes weren’t immediate. You most likely did not correctly replace the existing search form (which was floated right). Replacing the search field would have required some CSS corrections to fit correctly.

  7. Anrkist says:

    Was not working for me originally… there were no errors. I was using Chrome and when I went into the settings option for Viewzi, I was given a simple “Add your VSS ID” form box. It did not seem to do anything.

    Switched into FireFox 3 and the Viewzi settings option sent me directly to where I needed to be. I then went back to Chrome and it seems to be working fine.

  8. @ Ankrist,

    We are tracking down the problems with Chrome now, hopefully we will have it sorted soon.

  9. Does anyone know how to add some css styling to the viewzi code? The other two searches I’ve tried on my site, WordPress default search and Google search both have rounded search buttons, this one is just flat and square and I can’t figure out to change it as I don’t see any search styles in my theme’s css.

    • Derek says:

      You won’t find any matching styles in your themes CSS file for the Viewzi search plugin. You will need to apply a little styling of your own. The selectors that you can style for the plugin are:

      #viewzi_form (HTML form for the search field)
      #viewzi_form div (if you want to apply some type of background img to the search)
      #viewzi_input (HTML text input)
      #viewzi_button (HTML input for submitting a query)

      Btw, the code you added to the comment was stripped out by WordPress. Check Postable if you want to convert code into a safe comment form alternative.

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  11. Matsu says:

    There seems to be a problem with your test website where we can try out (and compare) all three search engines. No matter what I type in the Viewzi field, it returns a list of blog posts with the word “search” in them. The WordPress and Lijit searches worked great.

  12. Derek says:

    Matsu, it looks like there is a conflict having all three search fields on the page. After the Viewzi modal pops up, you can re-enter your keywords to search the site. Or, use the Viewzi search field at the top of the page which will open the results correctly as expected.

  13. CHONG says:

    Nice work, I’ve added the plugin, yet when I search, there seems to be a lack of results….