Top 10 Pink for October redesigns

Have at it, debate, challenge, and support your own favorites from the first inaugural Pink for October awareness web initiative.

The following top ten (preliminary) were compiled and hand-picked from the list of 200+ participates collected by Matthew Oliphant. The results were not based on the aesthetic value alone. Each participate below has agreed to contribute far more than a simple soft / vibrant pinkish internet visual.

ifelse zimmermann imedia baekdal diary standards nostrich ff017d warpspire leihu

Notable entrants from the 2006 Pink for October:

If…Else Log[…] it’s my pleasure to be able to subvert this site for a good cause, even if it’s only in a small way. In addition, I’ll be donating all my adsense revenue + 100% for this month to Cancer Research UK.

Nostrichfor every one post [submitted by a guest blogger who has anything to say about breast cancer] I publish, I’ll donate £1 to Breast Cancer Research UK.

According to Matthew, the participants list grows by the hour. I can’t imagine the turn-out by months end. Feel free to check out 5thirtyone’s official pink announcement or head straight to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Participate if you have the time. If you happen to be a *cough* MySpace user, check out the pink version of the minimal overlay distribution. (Digg this)

Discuss - 29 Comments

  1. Adam says:

    There have been some great designs come out for this.
    Just wish I could do something, apart from supporting locally, extra for the cause.

  2. Dale Cruse says:

    My girlfriend Courtney at has redone her blog in pink. She’s made it more personal by linking to a friend with breast cancer who is doing a three-day walk for the cure.

  3. […] While I was considering going pink for October I haven’t really had an opportune moment to “pinkify” smackfoo – that and when I look at the increasing numbers of pink designs I get the impression anything I could create would be woefully underachieving. […]

  4. Wow, some of the designes are amazing!

  5. AsceticMonk says:

    Wow, thanks for the compilation! I never thought using pink as the primary color can make a site look this good.

  6. Raz88 says:

    Wow I’m surprised you forgot to mention the critically acclaimed myspace blog of the one and only “Raz88” 😛 Those are some pretty looking website pink is a great primary color.


  7. Steffen says:

    Very nice! Is it going to be released?

  8. brendan says:

    Pink isn’t an always an easy colour to work with – however pinks and grey shades really do seem to work well.

    I’ve come across a number of pink-for-october sites that are particularly pleasant on the eye.. It begs the question of how many people will keep the ‘pink’ going for a while longer – to be honest this is one of the singularly most pleasant designs I think you’ve done. 🙂

  9. Eli says:

    Organized / clean / minimalist. Nice work!

  10. Jay says:

    They’re all pretty good, but I think Leihu’s got it nailed. There’s a lot of nice thought/detail there.

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  14. noaesthetic says:

    […] Top 10 Pink for October redesigns (tags: blog) […]