Quick custom blogs: Typo › WordPress

  • August 10th, 2007

Having built a number of websites using WordPress as the core (backend), I assumed that WordPress was the easiest and quickest platform to work with. Surely, there was nothing that could be easier… Right?

Quire blog screenshot

I proved myself wrong while creating a custom Quire blog (powered by Typo) to match the recently re-launched public facing pages for MyQuire. My favorite part:

$ sudo gem install typo

Typo installed and configured from the command line. None of that a) manually create your MySQL database, 2) upload files, and 3) edit wp-config.php stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, Typo is not as “friendly” as WordPress, but it sure is easy to configure, customize, and deploy. ** This all assuming your RoR dev-environment is configured and running smoothly.

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