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  • October 8th, 2006

11/05/06: The Pink October theme has been updated. Please see the October Special download page for a widgetized version including miscellaneous HTML/CSS tweaks. Comments are now closed.

Seeing as though my initial motivation to go “pink” for the month of October was brought about by the announcement of the Pink for October initiative, I thought it best to assist others in spreading awareness during the month of October [and beyond].

Pink October WordPress theme

At the end of the day, I decided that the good within each of us would do what felt right. Additionally, although the fight against Breast Cancer is a widely discussed topic, there are those that may not believe in supporting the cause.

For those that feel the urge to donate towards a worthy cause, check out the Susan G. Komen donation page. For those who would rather contribute towards further development of the theme, feel free to send donations securely via Paypal.

About & Legal

Although there are no monetary requirements in order to run the Pink October WordPress theme on your own hosted WordPress installation, I reserve the right to request that any credits concerning the originating source be retained and that any distributions of the theme be limited to I also request that for the month of October, the header introduction concerning Breast Cancer Awareness month and the Pink for October initiative remain intact through the end of the month.


Pink October was created to be a lean, mean, database light WordPress theme with a considerable number of advertising placement opportunities. Consider reading through the included readme for any dependency issues or important notes concerning the use of the Pink October distribution.

5ThirtyOne Pink October
download package

  • 11/5/06: Updated theme release to October Special – available in multiple color schemes. Includes HTML/CSS tweaks. Visit the October Special download page.
  • 10/9/06: Updated the download header.php to include wp_head(); which fixes certain plugin issues.

Questions & Bugs

  • What about the included sponsor links, what am I to do with those? – The sponsor links are optional links included with the theme which serve as content placeholders. Feel free to remove links, the only link I ask users to retain is the footer link giving credit for the theme.
  • What’s the leaflet in the footer, can I use it? – The leaflet signifies that this blog is a member of the 9rules network. Do not lift the leaflet graphic for your own use.

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