5ThirtyOne V2 WordPress theme

  • May 14th, 2006

5thirtyone v2.0

The original 5ThirtyOne 2006 Spring Reboot submission. V2 was a live redesign submission gone stale.

As the reboot deadline neared, I began seeing submissions from sites around the net which left me yearning for more. The v2 distribution is a centered narrow column design which features a unique modal window for searches and displaying recent activity. I’ve gone to great lengths to keep this theme as consistent as possible throughout. Many of the aesthetic details in use on the private 5ThirtyOne Reboot edition were carried over from this very theme.

Large fonts, integrated customizations for the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin, modal window, and Script.aculo.us effects [integrated pull down shelf] all rolled into a single download package for WordPress 1.5 & 2.0. Original PSDs are included for your own personalized customizations.

Take the time to read through the entire write-up on the Official 5ThirtyOne v2 WordPress theme page. I’ve tried my best to detail any possible questions that may arise. Spread the word as I’d like to see similar fanfare for v2 that the Foliage and Foliage Mod themes have received.