Foliage Download: It’s Foliage in your cup!

  • March 5th, 2006

I couldn’t resist. Foliage sounds like Folgers [coffee]. Sing it with me: “The best part of waking up, is [Foliage] in your cup!” Ack. No?. I know there are people who each their veggies.


Well here it is, my first public release to the WordPress community. From what I hear, the WordPress group is an active bunch always willing to lend a hand. As such, I’ve decided that this single column reincarnation of my original 5ThirtyOne Dark was a more than acceptable candidate to serve as my initial release into the community.

Foliage – which will remain active on 5ThirtyOne until its “eventual” completion – is a simple, clean, minimalistic template which reflects my own personal tastes; those being single narrow columns, light text on dark [anything], and my recent attraction towards the color green (it must be a March or Spring thing). I tried the traditional dark on light with with my ‘Spades’ theme but lost interest. If there’s enough interest I’ll host those files as well.

Eat your veggies and grab your copy from the official Foliage page.