Foliage Download: It’s Foliage in your cup!

I couldn’t resist. Foliage sounds like Folgers [coffee]. Sing it with me: “The best part of waking up, is [Foliage] in your cup!” Ack. No?. I know there are people who each their veggies.


Well here it is, my first public release to the WordPress community. From what I hear, the WordPress group is an active bunch always willing to lend a hand. As such, I’ve decided that this single column reincarnation of my original 5ThirtyOne Dark was a more than acceptable candidate to serve as my initial release into the community.

Foliage – which will remain active on 5ThirtyOne until its “eventual” completion – is a simple, clean, minimalistic template which reflects my own personal tastes; those being single narrow columns, light text on dark [anything], and my recent attraction towards the color green (it must be a March or Spring thing). I tried the traditional dark on light with with my ‘Spades’ theme but lost interest. If there’s enough interest I’ll host those files as well.

Eat your veggies and grab your copy from the official Foliage page.

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  1. Phil Bowell says:

    I have installed your theme on my test site, so I could check it out and look at customising it. I appear to have a problem with it. NON of the links work in the main navigation or the small navigation at the bottom of the page.

    Check for yourself here.

  2. Derek says:

    phil: that’s because i left the links as http://#. you’ll need to update those as i hand coded my nav links. i’ve also updated the distribution as i neglected to include styling for list items.

  3. Jon says:

    OK, reporting them as I find them.) If any of these are just design decisions or things left to customise by each individual, forgive my ignorance.

    In bottom_index,php, the heading above where the recent posts are also says “Toolshed”, same as the actual toolshed section lying below it.

    When typing in the comment box, the cursor is black on a dark grey background, which, if you leave it and come back, makes it a little bit hard to find. This is a very small niggle, but I’ll mention it just in case you are interested in the opinions of pedantic assholes 🙂

    Actually…that’s it. Anything else I initially thought was an error seems to just be a matter of changing where links point. Thanks a lot for the theme, it’s beautiful. I confess there are a couple of things I’d love to see added, but I’ll leave you in well-deserved peace for now.

  4. Jon says:

    A couple more things: to use the search, you have to manually delete the word “search” before adding your query, rather that it disappearing as soon as you click in/tab to the search field. Also, if your search returns no results, you get the style’s “404” page, rather than a dedicated “your search returned no results” type thing.

    Please don’t think this is criticism; be assured I’m just pointing these out to help get you towards you destination a little faster.

  5. Derek says:

    jon: great to see someone decided to give the theme a spin. everything that you’ve mentioned with the exception of the double toolshed titles in bottom_index.php were design decisions. the fact that the empty search results page is the same as the 404 was a decision on my part. feel free to edit as needed. changes have been noted and made.

  6. Jay says:

    Sweet, I’ll give it a whirl this evening for kicks. Great work bud! (and *ahem*, I’d be slightly more interested in Spades 😉 )

  7. Derek says:

    well then… ahem. spades will find its own download page soon enough. thankfully the last time i ran the theme i rebuilt the psd files from scratch so it should be fairly easy to customize. a little less complete than foliage but worthy of a good cause.

  8. Jon says:

    No problem, I’ll work my way through those, gradually.

    By the way, you have a little typo in the tag template, “archive” is missing a “c”.

  9. Jay says:

    Oh nice! That was a total shot in the dark about wanting spades. But I wouldn’t mind tweaking that one a bit, mainly as a base, there are a few graphic (beaver) that I’d have to intergrate.

  10. Derek says:

    spades should get some real world use. if anything it would be a great template to work off of.

  11. Jay says:

    I’d gladly put it through the shredder.. er, give it a run for it’s money, that is.

    Hehe, not that my site gets a whole lot of visits.

  12. EricaJoy says:

    Spades would be the perfect theme for my blog. I can’t wait for its release!

  13. Nick says:

    Firstly, great theme and thanks for releasing it! Already commented over at flickr but wanted to thank you here as well.

    I’m sorting out an archives page and saw that you were using a tag cloud. Up to this point I haven’t been using tags, just a million categories but tags seem much cleaner. Did you hard-code an actual page to contain the code that calls the tag cloud, or create a page via the admin interface? Would mind sharing the code you dropped in to display the cloud?


  14. Derek says:

    nick: the distribution has a separate tags.php template. if you login to your admin panel then go to create page, in the right column look for ‘page template’. in the drop down menu select ‘tag archive’ the tagcloud will be created. open tags.php in a plain text editor to see the utw string. feel free to edit as needed.

  15. Nick says:

    Thanks Derek, worked like a charm!

    One small mod I made to the template was add anchors at the top/bottom and links. Since I have a number of pages, they’re listed at the bottom. In the top nav I created a ‘pages’ link which shoots the user to those links. Keeps everything clean. (hope that made sense)

  16. Derek says:

    nick: makes perfect sense to do that.

    the plan for the next revision is to have a single 75 x 20 px tab at the very top of the page. clicking this tab will present the reader with a slide down menu containing additional navigation links or whatever else users want to plug.

  17. Nick says:

    Derek, that sounds like a great feature.

    The only other feature I’d personally add (I’m a minimalist) is an alternate/additional archive page template which shows posts by date and/or category.

  18. Derek says:

    a general categories page is probably something i should consider tossing into the theme folder. i’m not a fan of structured categories but i’ll add it to the list.