WordPress Foliage Mod


UPDATE: Awarded Most Creative Design WordPress 2.0 Theme Competition

Now that 5ThirtyOne is flossin’ a bright new look, I felt it was only fair to release my personal Foliage Mod. I’ve carried the “Foliage” theme over from my original Foliage release. The tiny bits of eyecandy are powered by the fabulous script.aculo.us library. Understand that this theme is a little rough around the edges (as is the original Foliage release) but I promise there are no major thorns. I will continue development during my free time.


In order to install the Foliage theme, download the package below, unzip, and upload the directory titled "5thirtyone_foliage" to your ‘wp-content/themes’ directory.

Latest Version: Foliage Mod v1.1 (December 7th, 2008)
5ThirtyOne Foliage Mod (437KB ZIP) ~ includes PSD files


The theme is distributed with a nice little GPL license. This means that if you download the theme, mod If you make any notable changes that you think I should see, drop me an email, sing in praise of your new work, and then decide to re-distribute, the GPL license must stay intact.

Minor request: The WordPress community is a mature crowd right? I’ve left my impression in the footer. Credit would be appreciated as I recently realized that I had spent more time on this theme than my current “girl who is a friend”. If it’s not too much trouble, sending a link back this way would be just swell!

Change log and Revisions

  • 01/06/08: Some code cleanup and WordPress 2.3 tag integration to replace UTW.
  • 4/20/06: Removed unnecessary calls in the templates; namely asides.php in single.php and global.js in header.php. Thanks Don.
  • 4/16/06: Yes!! I found the original PSD’s. Now included with the download package [7 files total]. I’ve also updated style.css to display the foliage within the header in all browsers. Inserted the missing footer hook. (Thanks Brendan)
  • 4/15/06: Fixed a clearing bug for posts with closed comments. Files updated: comments.php, single.php (Thanks Anne-Lise)
  • (R1.0): Initial public release


Follow these instructions and you’ll soon be up and running:

  • Read through this page in its entirety.
  • Make sure you’re running WordPress 1.5 or 2.0+
  • Download the latest release above.
  • Unzip and review the folder(s) contents.
  • I’ve made use of the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin. The template structure assumes that you have the plugin installed. Download your own copy here.
  • Navigate to Presentation and activate 5ThirtyOne Foliage.

That should do it. Tweak the template to your hearts content and report back with any issues that may arise.


  • Will Foliage Mod break my sweet little WordPress?: I would hope not. See bugs list below.
  • I don’t like green, how do I go about recoloring?: Recolor the included PSD’s.
  • I heard there was another Foliage theme?: Oh you’re so right! My first Foliage theme can be found here.

Reported gnats

  • Known issue with Kashou’s Inline AJAX Comments (0.3) plugin. Shelf fails to activate. Most likely a prototype.js issue. (Thanks Makki)
  • There is a known ‘issue’ concerning the searchbox. A background image is used to “style” the input area. Unfortunately, Safari does not accept the textarea border rules that I’ve set in the stylesheet. Trust me, I’ve looked for a work around. My Safari stats are low so I’ve decided to ignore the bug. Check the screenshot for a better idea.
  • If you are currently running a tracking script for the Crazyegg service, the shelf will break. I was informed that an update will be rolled out that will fix the Crazyegg prototype.js incompatibility.
  • Prototype.js issue with the fGallery plugin in use. Pull tab fails to activate navigation shelf. (Thanks Sam)

These aren’t so bad. Bugs are bugs are bugs. As annoying as they are, squashing them actually serves as challenging entertainment. As time progresses, each of these will eventually be lifted from the list.


  • I’ve made use of the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin on my site. The slide down ‘Similarly tagged’ effect on single posts assumes that your site is tagged. You’ll need to edit out the template modifications if you would rather do without the drop down or plugin.
  • There is filler content throughout allowing you to customize as needed. Please go through the template and edit as needed. Namely: ‘About’ and ‘Recent’ snippets in the drawer.
  • Edit the navigation links as needed.
  • Author highlighting for comments requires that you manually edit your email into comments.php at line 34.
  • You’ll notice that the bottom DIV is filled with some ‘Lorem’ filler. I ran my version of ‘Asides’. The content area would be great for a Flickr photostream, categories, or whatever other meaningful content you want displayed globally throughout your site.
  • I admit that much of my focus went into the upper portion of the site. Let’s all work towards getting the theme up to snuff.

As usual, feel free to drop questions or suggestions in the comments below. For additional 5ThirtyOne WordPress themes, drop by the portfolio for a little window shopping. If you’ve found this download useful and care to help me on my way to acquiring a true dev machine with something greater than a 12″ screen, consider a small donation.