MyQuire, experiences, and DEMOfall 2007 conference

  • September 26th, 2007

In early June I hinted of change. One of those changes was my decision to join the Quire, Inc. team developing a web application known as MyQuire. Since then, I’ve experienced the joys of working [physically] in an "office" which made Nerf gun wars a reality meant help was a slap on the back of the head within earshot. Which is great, because there were quite a number of situations that were remedied with a 2-3 minute face-to-face chat as opposed to a lengthy instant message conversation.

In any event, the past few months have been heads-down – work, test, work, Nerf, work, test, and Halo 3. The "natural" order of things for a development team right? I’ve had the opportunity to continue working with my favorite(s) XHTML & CSS while spending more time with Ruby on Rails (RoR) – which, may I respectfully add I suck at [for now]. My true suck’iness is masked by the fact that I work in an office comprised of people who eat RoR cereal. You know, the one with the limited edition Gems at the bottom of specially marked boxes? That RMagick sure was a doozy to install. I admit that I am CLI challenged. No shame, give me the GUI’s! I did my best to hold my own though, adapting. That Apple application called Terminal – which I am supposed to befriend and love as I do Photoshop – really is quite useful.

The web meets MyQuire at DEMOfall 2007

The Quire, Inc. team made a significant step after being accepted to present at the much talked-about DEMOfall 2007 Conference. CEO David Steinberg took the stage to explain the story behind MyQuire, and updates to look forward to come late Fall.

Simple project collaboration & management, VoIP, file-sharing, screen-sharing, all mixed together with basic networking. It was exciting to see MyQuire presented on-stage, even more exciting to find sites taking notice and feedback coming in.

There is much to be continually improved and polished. If you’ve tried MyQuire, share your thoughts in the comments – or send feedback directly [MyQuire Contact page]. Keep in mind that what was presented at DEMO has not yet been made live on MyQuire. Look for updates this Fall. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the MyQuire Blog, I invite you you to visit or subscribe.