Custom Twistori view of Twitter on your desktop

  • April 1st, 2009


Want a quick glimpse into the current conversations or short ramblings happening on Twitter? Check out Twistori. Launched in early 2008 by Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs, Twistori remained one of my favorite sites to take my mind off of whatever stresses or blood boiling situations I might have had while wrestling with Photoshop or some browser bug.

A few days ago I returned to the site and decided I wanted more than the standard cluster of filters – love, hate, think, believe, feel, and wish – querying the Twitter Search API. So I grabbed the latest Twistori Desktop Client beta.


It didn’t take long for me to justify supporting the developers by sacrificing a couple coffee runs so that I could pony up the $12 for a license.

What does the desktop version of Twistori offer?

twistori-clustersDespite the growing number of "people you follow", there are hundreds of Tweets published every second that you will never see. Messages that may hold juicy bits of information, interesting links, or pick-me-uppers. That’s where Twitter Search comes in handy. At any given moment, you can search the Twitter-verse for anything and receive relevant fresh results. Twistori builds on top of that convenience and offers a desktop client that presents Tweets focused on your own interests.

Using the same simple attractive UI made accessible online or as a screensaver, Twistori Desktop lets you create "clusters" comprised of the keywords or hashtags you specify.

Current relevant results from around the net

Twitter really is more than just short 140 character messages or pieces of a conversation. Tweets are immediate, relevant, and topical. Oftentimes, I am able to find out more information from local Twitter users before news networks or other blogs pick-up on the same story. By utilizing select keyword clusters, you can easily discover new or useful information online [quickly]. Twistori Desktop does so in an attractive manner as a constant stream of information off to the side.

Twistori alternatives for Twitter users

Here are a few alternatives to Twistori that cater to the needs of avid Twitter users:

  • Destory Twitter – All OS’s friendly Adobe AIR powered client.
  • Eventbox – Offers far more than just Twitter activity. Acts as a single POV for all of your social networks.
  • Bluebird – Newcomer but worth watching b/c of user themes.

What are you using to bring Twitter to the desktop? Leave your @username in the comments for a follow.