Resize & reposition your browser "bookmarklets"

  • April 7th, 2007

Firefox bookmarks bar [screenshot] with various bookmarklets for resizing & repositioning the browser window On a fairly regular basis, I find myself resizing & repositioning the browser window in order to "work happy". Be it general web browsing, web development, or multi-tasking, the browser window and position has a noticeable impact on what I’m doing. […]

Andy Budd grid overlay bookmarklet

  • July 25th, 2006

Andy Budd, author of CSS Mastery & Blog Design Solutions, whipped up a pair of indispensable browser bookmarklets. Anyone who has created a website probably uses some form of a pixel grid to double check DIV element positioning and spacing during the initial structuring of a web page. Andy’s bookmarklets allow users to overlay their […]