Sweetcron SocialCubes for your online activity

  • March 12th, 2009

Running Sweetcron as your lifestreaming software? SocialCubes is my contribution to the community. Don’t know what Sweetcron is? Check out my mini review from a few weeks back: Set it and forget it, Sweetcron personal lifestream application.

SocialCubes theme

The software really is "set it and forget it". As I continue to drop little bits of information online, http://this.isdereks.com picks up the little pieces and combines them into a single – easy to scan – view.

Note that SocialCubes is not intended as a full public release meaning the project is online as an example to download, modify, and build off of. The SocialCubes project will be updated as I update my own site to reflect new features to the overall functionality of the theme.