Unfortunately, Monopoly dollars are not accepted as a suitable form of payment when hosting and bandwidth bills roll around. For that reason, I’ve created the 5thirtyone.com sponsorship program. A self-managed solution for getting young, technology amateur to savvy readers locked in on your site. No middle-man here. Sponsorship revenue goes toward covering hosting [Media Temple] costs.


If you would like to continue discussing the possibility of sponsorship, feel free to get in touch and I will return your email as soon as possible.

Pricing & information

Sponsorship is available as a month-by-month or multi-month package. Links and images are displayed on all pages which span 250+ posts & 3,500+ comments.

  • $65 links/mo. or $100 graphic/mo.
  • $125 links/ 2-mo. or $190 graphic/mo.
  • $185 links/ 3-mo. or $270 graphic/mo.

Note that inquiries do not automatically guarantee an accepted link. I reserve the right to refuse any links which contain questionable or unacceptable content.