Win Visio Standard 2007 for designs, wireframes, or idea dumps

Visio for free

If I worked primarily on a PC, Microsoft Visio would be one of the most used apps in my dock Start Menu. I can’t speak from personal experience, but based on the features (and from what others have told me), Visio is a solid piece of software – especially if your daily tasks involve creating rich visuals, UI’s, and prototypes. If I did work with Visio, I would definitely check out some of the available add-ons like the rapid prototyping tool or the updated sketch GUI elements (both via Wireframes Magazine).

Microsoft Visio Standard 2007 for FREE

Because I don’t run Windows unless I am testing against Internet Explorer, this copy of Visio Standard 2007 is of no value to me. But, I know someone else out there could sure use a legitimate copy minus the $200 retail asking price. Requirements for entry are simple:

  1. Some short blurb on how Visio can help you at home / work
  2. Working email in the comment form (unless you don’t care about winning)

Winner will be randomly selected from the comment list. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Entries for consideration will be accepted up until July 17th.

Winner: Congrats to Cesar (comment) who was randomly selected as the winner.

Discuss - 16 Comments

  1. qooqie says:

    Visio will help me with page/screen flows, mockups and business process diagrams.

  2. Urraca says:

    Visio will help me with my professional practice, but more importantly, it will allow me to be able to work on my own computer for the coursework I am doing for my masters degree in Human Computer Interaction. I need it a lot for prototyping and wireframes.

  3. Al Gonzalez says:

    Visio will help with planning and designing, not only the visual or UI portion of any applications being developed, but also the workflow and components that make up the application.

  4. Mark says:

    I am an IA student so Visio would be terrific for school. A free copy would be spectacular. Did I mention I was student. :-> $$

  5. Vina says:

    Visio has made my life so easy as it comes with readymade templates and UI elements. I spend the same time as I do with sketching.

  6. Being a project technician, and working with large tasks, Visio would allow me to show other project workers around me how i’m planning on work on ideas / projects. I’m currently working on a broadband project – showing users how the network works and allowing them to understand how it works would be a excellent use of Visio. Well, here’s my vote.

  7. guilherme says:

    working as a webdesigner – beginning with conceptualization all the way until css/html developing – visio would certainly be a great asset.

  8. As a web designer and social media marketing specialist, Visio would be a huge help in explaining UI and wire frames to my clients. In addition, Visio can help others visualize how I will connect their product/service to their consumer, detailing all the 1st and 2nd degree stages. I had Visio at one of my former employers and it was invaluable – using it daily to help with project management tasks, departmental hierarchies, and basic workflows.

    Visio has even been useful when we would do pre-production work for some of our video shoots, using its ability to map out and detail camera placements and key interaction points.

    Thank you for this opportunity!
    – Christian

  9. Garrison Smith says:

    Visio is a great Microsoft product. It will allow me illustrate my network topology, integrate an excel spreadsheet for asset management, and document flow diagrams for troubleshooting. I love the plug-ins various manufacturers have added depicted their equipment we use like Cisco. This will help me plan for the future, keep my sanity, and demonstrate to others what the building network looks like.

  10. Industry standard application Visio will allow me to create wireframes/prototypes in Windows, which are essential for my clients, their clients and myself.

  11. michela says:

    I think Visio would be a great asset in managing projects.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. Jason says:

    I used Visio to create wireframes and sitemaps for some large and intense projects (Pantene North America, Herbal Essences global templated redesign, Walgreens sitemap, and more). And whomever wins the program is very lucky.

    That said, now that I do freelance design/ux/ia and don’t HAVE to use Visio, I’ve moved to OmniGraffle and won’t be going back. If you don’t win, have a mac, and are looking for a good alternative to Visio – check out OmniGraffle. It can import / export Visio files, has tons of good templating options, and is pretty user-friendly. There are some features that it lacks (no auto table-of-content’s generation), but it’s also WAY more affordable.

  13. drew says:

    I’m just starting to do UI design, and, while my MSPaint skills are top-notch, I could really use a time-saving and feature-rich program to speed up and optimize the process. thanks

  14. tom says:


    Rading this is uncanny – I’ve just come from the Apple store where I was asking about whether Visio is available for Mac. (I’m about to take the leap back to Mac after 10+ years in WIndows…)

    As you know, it’s not available – so what is the tool of choice in Mac to replace Visio (I consider Visio the best software available from MSFT, and consider myself an intermediate to advanced user).

    Any and all help much appreciated – I like Visio so much, not having it in Mac might stop me making the move!


  15. tom says:

    Bingo, cheers

    ( says it all)