SimpleShare: 5GB for quick sharing + collaborating

  • May 15th, 2011

What do CloudApp, DroplrTinyGrab and GrabBox all have in common? Each provide a simple integrated interface for quickly sharing files or links across any medium – email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. – without worrying about a measly 25MB attachment limit. Even better? Most services offer a web interface which provide information like:

  • Downloads / view count to monitor files
  • Character saving shortened URLs
  • Custom domains for shortened URLs
  • Option to delete files from the cloud at will
  • Secure sharing options
  • Plenty of storage to share tiny links or heavy assets

When the internet broke earlier this year (2011 Amazon Web Services outage), I had been using CloudApp to quickly share links and files. Like so many other web services which relied on Amazon for storage, CloudApp suffered. I explored my options and found myself bouncing between Droplr and GrabBox. Then I discovered SimpleShare by Box as another file sharing option.

Integrates with your existing Box account

If you’re an existing Box user, you’ll enjoy the same Box cloud collaboration features with the added benefit of fast file sharing from your desktop – both Mac & PC.

SimpleShare Preferences Screenshot

As a Mac user adding files to Box is a cumbersome multi-step process: 1) open web browser, 2) open and 3) upload files. SimpleShare has adopted the same sharing techniques as other services likes Droplr with a few Box collaboration features.

  • Upload and securely share any filetype
  • Draw screenshot region or upload full screen
  • Simple select region and record screencasting (demo)
  • Set expiration date automatic file deletion
  • Notification when files are viewed
  • Interact with files directly from within Box with OpenBox Apps
  • 5GB of free storage

In its current state, SimpleShare is great for sharing and collaborating within a team environment or for more sensitive files.

At the moment commenting, task assignment and OpenBox Apps integration is limited to individuals you have assigned as collaborators. I’m hoping that future updates improve the app and allow for individual files to be enabled as public assets for more collaborative actions. Are you using any services for fast file sharing?