OS X Skype 1.5 shows its pretty face

skype 1.5 os x

Or should I say, Skype users can now show their pretty faces?

OS X users can now get in on a little video action with fellow Skype users thanks to the latest 1.5 Video Preview. Not only does the latest release offer the option for video chats, the entire interface of the application has received a much needed face-lift. Was it just me, or did the previous incarnation of Skype resemble an application that belonged in OS X Panther? iChat definitely needs a face-lift of it’s own – something unified – to compete.

While everyone else is most likely comfortable showing their mugs in real time via video – morning, noon, or night – I am still attempting to overcome that eery someone is watching you [whenever that little iSight light shines green] feeling. I mean, I understand that someone will be watching, but I don’t think the feeling should be the same as if I were uttering Bloody Mary three times in front of a mirror in the dark.

I want a show of hands comments. Who uses video as a means of communicating on a regular basis? And what tips do you have for breaking that initial apprehensive video chat barrier?

My Skype balance is low. All those lonely late night calls are adding up, ergh I mean… Utilizing Skype’s free outgoing calls feature as my VoIP solution is saving me so much money I don’t need to refill.

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  1. Glenn Wolsey says:

    Since I got my Intel iMac and MacBook video I have started video chatting, both for business and personal matters. I still prefer the good “old” Skype feature of voice chats, but with video it’s easier to get the full felling of expression someone’s giving that email and instant messaging just cant provide.

  2. Derek says:

    What I’m interested in hearing is how people happened to overcome their fear / apprehension – if any – in order to communicate regularly via video. Any times Glenn? Anyone?

  3. Now there really isn’t any [good] reason to not use skype.

  4. John Dyer says:

    Umm. I haven’t had too much experience with video chat, personally. I enjoy it when I use it though.

    I plan on using it a lot more starting in september to communicate with my family because I am going to boarding school.

  5. Miss-J says:

    I use videochat quite a bit, but I use Ivisit. There’s a free and paid version and it works beautifully cross platform.

    I want to try this new version of Skype but after upgrading to Tiger, Skype doesn’t seem to work anymore on my pooter(no matter what version). It shuts down everytime I start it up. 😛 I’ve searched everywhere for a solution cant find any. So if anyone has any idea.. help a girl out. 🙂

  6. Derek says:

    Have you tried trashing the Skype preferences and / or Skype folder located in ~/Library/Application Support/?

  7. Miss-J says:

    [quote comment=”5344″]Have you tried trashing the Skype preferences and / or Skype folder located in ~/Library/Application Support/?[/quote]

    Yes, have done that. I tried that again and downloaded the new Skype..still shuts down on me. I give up.