Rip – White on top, charcoal black below

  • August 10th, 2006 ripped

Well this is pretty much the design. I really love the contrast of white on top and charcoal black. To the right under “pixellife” I will have the highlight content, downloads, projects, for easy access and noticeability. “Freshness” will hold short clips of just what ever. “Sourapples” is just some of my favorite links. […] The city below was added to give a little more flavor, to use up some space, and to help make a transition to the charcoal bottom.

Eric [], we think just like each other! Except, here’s the problem, you were looking around for coders to re-create something that you claimed to have designed yourself. Tsk tsk. Not too honest a move there. Kind of rains on your parade when people start to recognize chunks of “inspiration” drawn directly from another site right? Click above for a full preview. The original draft inquiry was removed after I offered free consultation on what not to do when creating your online presence from scratch. Thanks for the tip Mr. Anon.

My original 2006 Reboot can be viewed on Flickr.