Red Card Group 5ThirtyOne?

  • June 7th, 2006

UPDATE: Content removed as per requested. Personal email credentials removed from the original post. Check the comments for the explanation.

red card bastards

I thought I would try the nice route by sending a few emails directly to the domain owner but it looks like I’m going to have to make this public. Regular readers & fans who have followed myself and my activities online via 5ThirtyOne are undoubtedly aware of my somewhat sharing personality. However, there are certain situations where I ask that content or design not be used. Unfortunately, certain individuals often decide to disregard these requests or “copyright” rules in order to better their own online presence.

At approximately 7:30AM, I stumbled upon referral links from the Red Card Group [main page]. I snapped the screenshots as proof and sent a couple emails kindly requesting that the content be removed immediately.

Nine hours later, the Red Card Group has yet to reply to my emails or remove the design. Not only that, based off the screenshot above [as proof], they are now taking the time to replace content with their own.

So, if you’ve been an avid reader, fan, or proponent to design ripping disrespectful bastards, feel free to drop the group an email at or The fact that the host nor domain owner has yet to reply is extremely irritating.