How not to treat your designer

  • May 16th, 2006

Rachel Cunliffe’s last remarks concerning the latest buzz surrounding the TechCrunch redesign:

I have just resigned as the designer for TechCrunch after the redesign sagas and the latest post on CrunchNotes.

The post, or should I say, slap in the face? Michael Arrington’s decision to post a screenshot by a second designer on CrunchNotes.

  • Mike envisions a new look for TechCrunch
  • Rachel delivers
  • Blog world mimics grade school cafeteria food fight with comments ranting and raving regarding the “money hungry” look of TechCrunch.
  • Rachel defends her case that the look is exactly as Mike envisioned: Design is incredibly personal and I’m not taking the negative comments to heart because I know I’ve created what my client had in mind and wanted – layout, ads, exact colors and format.
  • Mike slaps Rachel
  • Rachel resigns as the TechCrunch designer

Not knowing the sordid details, or whether or not Mike gave Rachel the heads up concerning his decision to flaunt a second designers “redux” of the layout, I would find it hard to believe anyone would have a valid defense for the CrunchNote post. Sure, light tweaks here and there happen throughout the life of a design, but why so soon? Why decide to openly flaunt – belittling a respected designers work – with a second mockup?