Due to electromagnetic disturbances

  • July 28th, 2006

Earlier this week, I returned to the U-Village Apple Store in order to place a second order for the same shell replaced due to the yellow discoloration which an isolated number of MacBook users experienced – myself included. The reason for the second repair? An unresponsive trackpad button pinpointed to be caused during the initial repair.

Anyway, the reason for the short post is not my own Apple product, but that of the young woman to my left. She had returned to exchange her silver iPod Mini which suffered from some sort of hardrive mishap. Naturally, I wouldn’t raise an eyebrow after hearing about said topics. Fortunately, the Genius Bar rep assisting her inquired with a very entertaining question:

Do you place your iPod near a computer? Sometimes computers tend to emit an electromagnetic disturbance which may explain the reason for your iPod’s hardrive failure.

*Cough*. Excuse me? What is this girl thinking? Who puts their iPod near computers! That is ludicrous! Don’t people know that you’re supposed to transfer music using a 15′ USB cable?