Clearwire may lose potential customers, here’s why

Syl and I took a look a few different internet options aside from the usual: cable, DSL, or FIOS. The requirements were that the service would need to be a) temporary, b) able to be shared, c) free of obtrusive installations, and d) convenient – no long-term contract requirements. Two options immediately sprang to mind – EVDO access using a Sprint data card + Kyocera KR1 router or Clearwire.

Due to the fact that Sprint would require an actual long-term contract, we decided to check out Clearwire which offers month-to-month service. Clearwire launched with the intent of providing nationwide Wi-Max broadband access to the masses. Since 2004, Clearwire has added a handful of major metropolitan cities to its service coverage map.

The convenience of online shopping, right?

In todays internet age, I find it more convenient and efficient to utilize online resources to make purchases. Purchasing service through should be no different from completing an order through,, or Unfortunately, a recent scenario proved that shopping online can still feel very alien.

Welcome to - Homepage

Immediately, we visit We are greeted with a general landing page with a clear-cut navigation, an invitation to "Save up to $100 when you order online today" (Bingo!), three service option summaries, a quick "Get pricing and service availability", and an invitation for "Live chat".

How much and is it available in the neighborhood?

Clearwire - Enter addressWe’re both informed, we know what Clearwire is all about, and we understand that Wi-Max coverage is still being rolled out. Let’s fast forward, check coverage availability, and enter the address where service will be used. Visitors have a convenient form for entering a street address, zip code, and floor. Floor?

I know Clearwire means to convey a message along the lines of "How many floors are in the home or building where the service will be used? This is important because your connection quality relies heavily on the modems ability to acquire a strong signal. Physical structures may prevent the modem from receiving the strongest signal possible.", but how would the average Joe looking to leave Comcast interpret the option?

Let’s assume that everyone understands that the option refers to the number of floors in the building where service will be used. Let’s also assume that service at the address is available but that I live on the 2nd floor of a 4 floor complex. Would I enter option 2 since I live on the second floor? Or, do I enter 4 because I live in a complex with 4 floors? What If I lived on the ground floor of an 8 floor apartment? If this extensive of a preliminary inquiry is required, users might as well be asked to enter whether or not they live in a brick, all steal, concrete, or wood structure. There are no directions or hints explaining why "floor" is so important. [No reference in the FAQ] Sprint or Verizon don’t ask whether I’ll be sitting in a garage, lounging at home, or walking outside during service usage.

Experimenting with a number of different scenarios, the resulting page which expresses whether coverage is available mentions nothing about what affect the floor may have on your service.

Clearwire - Availability Error

Our first few attempts checking coverage availability resulted with the above image. Because of this initial hurdle, we were unable to find out how much the service would be on a month-to-month basis. As potential customers, it would be much easier to see a quick overview of the pricing tiers – for comparison with other services – before having to enter any type of personal information.

I’m having issues ordering, can I talk to a sales rep?

Clearwire - CallAfter realizing that little progress was going to be made as far as ordering service online was concerned, we resorted to contacting a sales or support representative. At the time of posting, the Live Chat graphical links redirected to an email form with the prompt that no representatives were available. With that in mind, we located a telephone number at the top right corner of the page next to Store Locater. The number reads 1-888-Clearwire – C-L-E-A-R-W-I-R-E = 9 characters which when added to 1-888 would equal 13. Your standard telephone number is comprised of 10 – this might throw a few people off.

Clearwire - Contact

1-888-Clearwire = 1-888-253-2794-73 which does not equal the 1-888-253-2794 shown in FAQ. Regardless, we dial and listen to the available prompts for opening new service. Calling from both a 206 & 425 area code numbers (which area clearly major metropolitan areas in Seattle / Bellevue), we both received the following (20 sec. recording). Not exactly the answer we’re looking for when the coverage map clearly covers our area(s).


It is important to note that this entry was published after initial attempts of checking coverage availability and ordering service online failed. At the time, Clearwire coverage availability was reporting that the address entered was outside of the coverage area. Subsequent inquires later in the day oddly reported that the address was indeed within the service coverage area. The experience shopping online does not reflect the quality of the actual internet service – I am more than happy to and look forward to comparing Clearwire to Sprints solid EVDO network which I use daily with both a Novatel U720 (external USB) & Vaio VGN-TXN15P (bult-in)..

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  1. marty says:

    i do not even know where to begin. first i want to say that i dumb founded as to why a company would to operate this way or why anyone would stay with a company that feels that it needs a contract to keep (force) their customers. if a service provider provides good service that in itself will keep your customers. i went to best buy and signed up for clearwire. i was told that there was a 7 day free trial period so i felt safe since the rep could not pull coverage map at that time. as soon as we got home we installed the soft ware and attempted to go online. long story short it did get a signal. i am in less then 7 miles from downtown atlanta in buckhead. it did get a signal 4 blocks away but not here in my home. i called clearwire to inform them of this and to arrange to have device returned. i had no problem there. i was emailed a ups return label and shipped it back. the end, i thought. i had another debit come up on my account a couple of weeks later so i called them. i was told , “i am sure that this an error, we will research this and make the correction”. to make sure i provided them with them the ups delivery confirmation number. less than a week later i began receiving calls demanding money for an early buy out fee. there coverage map of my address even reads, “bummer, not in your area yet but new towers ae\re coming, still they refuse to close account or stop the calls. i had to cancel my debit card to prevent them from taking more of my money. customer service does NOT care that the service did not work. they do NOT care if the device was returned or not. in my opinion all they care about is extorting money from me and my room mate. ( we each signed up for seperate accounts with exactly the same results) i have since gone with comcast wireless and could not be more pleased with the service and customer service. i feel so sorry for the people who work for clearwire who are trained to rip people off/ what a horrible work place it must be. as of now it looks like i will have to change my phone number to stop the calls. i will wait on that however because i am recording all calls that i get from them. i used to hang but now i want proof of just how many times we have gone over the issue that it has been returned. so far, without exaggeration i have 42 recorded calls in which they are given return delivery confirmation for non working device. for a reputable 1 call would be all that would be needed. for a crooked company they will break the law daily to attempt to get money from people.i want to sue them. class action?????

    • r says:

      Clearwire is attemping to bill me for charges that I never agreed too, without sending an itemized bill, and not producing a signed contract with the charges specified. However, they are threatening to ruin my credit if I don’t pay their fraudulant extortion-based fees.20 phone calls later, 12 e-mails, 2 delivered paper letters and I have not been able to have anyone at Clearwire stand up and trye to resolve this. They are under investigation by the FCC and FTC for this unethical practice.

  2. glenn says:

    Marty you need to go back to my posting a few months back, there is a website for a law firm who has started a class action. If you have anything in writing im sure they would love to talk to you.

  3. matt in portland says:

    dont buy clear!!! they dont charge me 1/3 the price for the 1/3 the speed i get they are crooks and bastards

  4. Jim says:

    Gee, I’m sorry so many of you folks have had these problems. I live in the metro-Seattle area, and have had CW for over four years with literally no problems at all. I recommend it to all my friends, but with the advice that the level of reliability depends entirely upon your geographical location.

  5. Walter says:

    Using this service in my area required me to move the wimax modem to the walk up attic (2.5 story house). The rep in the clearwire store had told me that the best position to position the modem would be on the northwest side of the house. I got 1 bar in other locations on the first floor, but the modem would sometimes lose its lock and start searching for the signal.

    For me, this has turned out to be a worthwhile service. For $60 a month, I get acceptable (2 MB/s download, 0.4 MB upload) service at home and mobile service for my laptop.

    While this service is a lot slower than the home internet that my cable modem provided, making this change means I have pretty fast mobile internet service, which I didn’t have previously. Also, I am no longer locked into the cable provider as the only option for cable television service.

  6. robin says:

    Clearwire are just about getting your money and will lie and say what ever they need to say wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t a commission why

    1. I get payed and the 5th and 20th of each month and after 4 months of paying late fees I asked if I could change the due date to the fifth. Was told “no” they can not do that I should of requested it when I set up service (after paying $50 every month for late fees what do you expect them to say).

    2. Last month I go to pay my bill and tell them I am changing Providers because they would not change my due and I couldn’t afford the late well all the sudden they started something new this month for $8 you could change your due date

    3. I told the Rep I don’t have the money on my card and she asked if she could run it anyway and I told her “no” I don’t want any late fees charged to my account I will pay it on next months bill which she said was fine well 5 days later my service is suspended and after looking at my account it was because she ran my card anyway even though I told her not to and because it was 5 days past due they charged me my typical late fee of $50 for a total of $58 even though five days earlier I payed my bill to make my account balance 0.

    4. I call Rep totally pissed off asking them why I was charged a late when I payed my bill 5 days earlier. I did not authorize the $8 charge on my account to change my due date so she looks at my account and tells me my due has been changed to the 5th so I ask her why would you change my due date if the card didn’t clear and if the card didn’t clear shouldn’t my due date go back to the 1st instead of charging me for late fees that I have already paid for and has nothing to do with my use of your service well she told me that se couldn’t cancel my late fees because it is a one time courtesy that they did 5 months ago and there was nothing she could do about it and she was sorry son after me bitching and moaning the Rep apologized

    so be aware of your account transactions cuz they will try to bleed a turnip out of your wallet

  7. Robins stupid says:

    well now your services is off cancel them and move on

    now your complaining to have your service back on

    • Austin says:

      I would like to point out the ridiculous cancellation fee?

      If Robin is having trouble meeting the late fees how will they meet that kind of cancellation fee?

    • glenn says:

      I dont know how you can call Robin stupid, money is tight for all of us and when she is living dime to dime the control is out of her hands. Clearwire loves to charge and let you fight them to get it back.

      The guy didnt even have the blls to use his name.

    • robin says:

      no im not complaining about getting my service back the next month I switched to qwest just confirming what others are saying

  8. Austin says:

    Living in Lubbock Texas, Clearwire has ripped us off multiple times.

    When the service isn’t crashing, crashed, or pointless just not connected – it’s lagging.
    I (stupidly) pay for the modem that ‘should’ provide up to 12mb in speed and I still rarely meet the 3mb the basic package ‘claims’ to provide.

    Now, the first few times we had issues Clear/wire pretended to assist and offered us ‘better’ packages that ‘might’ help.

    This resulted in the more recent endeavors that lead us to paying WAY more than it is worth and being on a ridiculous 2 year contract.

    We had one modem running three, sometimes four computers.
    So, lag was expected. (ironically we almost lagged less then than we do now..)
    I thought that perhaps if each machine had it’s own modem or if we had a spare modem for the extra computers that occasionally logged on the lag would go away!

    The Clear/wire reps said YES! This will cure your issues.
    So we discussed it with them.

    What i got out of the conversation, what the rep said to me…
    I would be getting 2 modems ontop of the one I already had for my family. These would be 2 MODEMS under our current SERVICE/PLAN.
    Bear that in mind…
    We were also promised 2 of their complimentary giftcards for our troubles…these have still yet to arrive.

    Well, the end result was, they gave us two more SERVICE/PLANS instead of two modems under our current one. This lead to activation fees and extra monthly fees etc etc etc…

    They also took the liberty of extending our contract..

    Now, myself and my brother were discussing this with him. And we were minors at the time. My mother controls the funds and contracts and whatnot. they extended our contract without our consent and more so without the ACCOUNT HOLDERS consent.

    And we couldn’t do anything about it because we also, didn’t have anything in writing.. Which technically i guess works for us too, they don’t have a signature saying yes they can extend our contract…anyway…

    Now, this instance of the extra modems?
    This was only a while before they sent out the new wi-max modems.
    They didn’t tell us our lag might go away with the new modems until AFTER we had already got the extra ones that we probably wouldn’t need.

    So, we get our new modems. I’m fuming. I’ve had enough, but we have no choice. We would have to pay a collective $600+ in cancellation fees and we shouldn’t couldn’t do that.

    Well, the new modems take longer to boot up, they crash more, and the power plugs are not designed to stay in the wall so they often unplug themselves!

    Beyond that WE STILL LAG!
    I myself have a modem that connects to ONLY my computer. And all it does is lag and crash it seems.

    Our local provider claims it’s because a lot of people refuse to upgrade to the new modems, I wonder why?… And they won’t just kick people off if they don’t use the new modem so the WHOLE service lags ever more now than it did before.
    And crashes even more now than it did before.

    A lot of time we would call (the service rep has our number on his cell because we called so much) and over the period of six months they said they sent a tech out to see what the problem was. It took them SIX MONTHS to get the tech out. They plain and simple ignored us and did not check up on it.

    When the tech finally came out they just loaded up the clear/wire site on our computer and then left.



    Needless to say I’m getting impatient.
    I find it stupid how they call themselves all professional, they go out and expand and expand and expand…and they don’t bother to take care of their customers.
    That is why exists.
    because they don’t take care of the people who pay for the service.

    If this was a free service, or a $10 service, okay whatever…
    But I find it stupid that I my family pays $80+ for a service that does NOT live up to the expectations boasted by the company.

    And that they don’t train their tech staff, they don’t let their customers know they will be doing maintenance that takes down the entire service for a whole day!

    ironically though, and this made me laugh.. Shortly after they changed their name to Clear (to avoid they published a story in the paper talking about how cool their service was.
    That very same day, the whole Texas service crashed and ceased to work for a good long while. haha!

    Sucked for me but it was a whole bundle of unhappy for them and that makes me smile inside.

    I know and accept that there are people out there that have had no issues with Clear/wire and love their service.
    But the level of random crashes and lag and lies and misinformation and leading on is more than enough for me to want to tell everyone that as a whole, this company is not worth it and is very much a scam in every way.

    I hope that someday someone will rectify this with a swift lawsuit to the face.
    That being, a lawsuit that will actually go through. I gather the fear that Clear/wire can and will survive to see many more days…

  9. cris says:

    after being sucked dry by comcast with intermitant service,& going thru 3- 4 modems a year due to their over work, time lost thru multiple calls…. I’ve decided enough.
    thanks for your posts 2stay clear of clearwire-clear.
    I use the net 4emails uploading & downloading photos,documents. on-line-courses, surfing for research, comparison shopping,
    communication with out of state & country friends, gather 10-15 dloads music. no movies or streaming,
    as a student hit by this economy & working sporadically,
    -_DOES ANYONE_____________ have any recommendations to a service provider And what speeds would i need, for pierce county Washington state,40 minutes from Tacoma city.
    Your feed back would be greatly appreciated, struggling student. thanks, aloha

  10. glenn says:

    Cris, you should have dsl in your area. Its not the fastest but you should be able to get a package that gets a steady 3 megs down for under $29. My mom is in the Mineral area on century tel and so far she has had good service.

    PS, if cost was one of the reasons with comcast just call them every 6 months and tell them your going to cancel and go to the competition. I have never paid more then $35 a month for inet. As soon as it goes up to $54 i call. They can allways find a promo deal to put you on.

    Last idea for cost is my new blackberry with tmobile will plug into my computer and the BB desktop will use the phone as a modem. Its not real fast but you can surf and do email. Tmoblile has a plan for the BB $79 unlimited talk text and data.

    hope it helps

    • Derek says:

      Comcast is pretty good with lowering your monthly if you ask. Either cite competitive prices or simply say that your bills are too high and you’re looking for ways to decrease your expenses. However, I do know a few people who have used this method to keep their rates low. After the 3rd or 4th call in to keep the monthly down, Comcast simply transferred them to the cancellation department.

      It’s ridiculous… But as soon as I hit that "wall" with Comcast I’ll look elsewhere.

  11. glenn says:


    I feel your pain. They did push me as far as when i wanted the disconnect, Thats when i hit them with are you sure you want to do this. Again i can get free high speed wireless inet from my city, i am willing to pay you a reasonable amount for the security of not wireless.

    And this one really pissed in their cheerios, they said, but we offer free McCrappee secuity suite for your computers, my reply, so does microsoft, and i dont half to pay them for inet.

    Its called Microsoft secuity essentials, folks if your looking this security software they offer free is fairly good. Just search for the free download, it was up and running in no time. The nice thing is i dont have a firewall box popping up every time wipe wanting to know if its ok, lets face it, half the time we dont know if its ok. X module A requires access to process B Outlook update??? HUH, OK i guess i will approve.

    So in short, we cant be loyal to any company, they dont give a crap, IE early termination fees. Find the best plan that can be set monthly, TOO ALL, never agree to any payment to clearwire, comcast, Qwest, Verizon unless you have a way out that is in writing. I just sense someone is coming down the pipe in the near future with very affordable inet acess. This could only be the reason all of these big players are locking us into long term contracts.

    Look what Walmart just did to the cell phone companies, you can now buy a cool phone, $99, and get a month to month pre pay plan for unlimited everything for $40.

  12. richard L. says:

    I had a disastrous experience with Clear, in fact you will probably not believe my story.

    A salesman from Clear called me at home and asked if he could visit me to present his product. I agreed, so he came and gave his spiel. He offered 10 times the speed of my Verizon broadband, with lower cost. It sounded too good to be true, so I agreed to a 7 day trial period. I picked up the gear at the Clear office and met with the salesman (Brandon Niceguy) and his boss (Mike Greenjerk).

    I performed extensive speed testing and found the performance to be erratic and slow. So I returned the equipment after 4 days. Not wanting to lose the sale, the salesman (Mr. Niceguy) asked me to do more testing and not worry about the 7 day time limit. I agreed.

    Then, after 10 days I saw no improvement in the performance, so I returned the equipment again. But Mr. Greenjerk informed me that Mr. Niceguy no longer worked there. I did not have my agreement with Brandon in writing, so Mr. Greenjerk informed me that I was responsible for an early termination fee of $610 ($350 early termination fee, $110 restocking fee, and $150 usage fee).

    What REALLY bugged me was the fact that Mr. Greenjerk seemed to enjoy socking it to me.

    I told him I was beginning to smell a sleaze factor.

    I then called customer support to dispute the unwarranted charges, and they kept me on the phone for 90 minutes (no exaggeration here). They agreed to forgive the $350, and they said they would “compromise” by reducing the restocking fee to $55.

    I wrote a letter to Clear and eventually got all fees rescinded.

    Later, Clear invited me to a focus group comprised of 10 people who had returned their equipment. These people were unanimous in claiming that the Clear gear failed to perform as claimed. They asked for my recommendation, so I told them to ask “What would Apple do?”. Clear is clearly the “contra-Apple” prototype.

    Later, I saw an employment ad for Clear salesmen, an guess who you should send your resume to? You got it, send it to Mr. Greenjerk. So Clear will be breeding dozens of new Greenjerks.

    On the positive side, Clear paid me $150 for my two cent opinion, so I ultimately came out ahead by $149.98.

    I told you that you wouldn’t believe me.

    P.S. I thought the above was the end of my experience with Clear, but today I got a call from a lady who said “I am your new Clear representative, I would like to discuss your new service”. I replied, “I returned my equipment after an unpleasant experience”, after which she said curtly “Have a nice holiday” and then abruptly hung up. It looks like Mr. Greenjerk’s training is taking affect.

  13. Scott says:

    I’ve been pretty happy with my 4g card for my notebook, It’s quite a bit faster than the Verizon 3g Air card I’ve been using the last 2 years.

    When I signed up, It was with the intention of only getting the mobile service, but the sales rep convinced me to try the home service as well since there was a pretty healthy price discount for the package deal.

    When I got home and took a look at the high pings and the iffy download speeds, I Immediately took the home modem back to the store, and had the home service taken off my account.

    I already had a cable internet provider for my house that I get 16Mbps, so it really wasn’t that disappointed in having to return it. I gave it a shot, It sucked compared to a wired connection.. no big surprise.

    So after getting my account back to a mobile-only service (around 50 bucks a month).. I’ve been pretty happy since.

    It is what it is…it’s a wireless air card, it runs off cell towers, so it’s gonna cut out on you at times, you go in a basement, good luck connecting, but this is nothing really new to me, I’ve been dealing with that #$%^ for 2 years with Verizon, the reliability seems about the same.

    The speeds, however, are much faster…maybe not the 10x faster or whatever they advertise, but easily double to triple I was getting out of 3g Verizon card.

    I guess my biggest overall complaint about there service is there “Cell Company” business model with the lame 2 year contracts(the author speaks of month-to-month, but that wasn’t an option..don’t know if they changed policies or what), but again, my experience was the same with Verizon, so nothing new.

    I guess the moral to my story here is..

    If you’re getting this as your home service when there are other options available to you(Cable or DSL), then you’re probably making a bad decision, as it is a wireless service (which means higher latency [ping times]) and no where near the throughput you get on a cable/dsl… it simply cannot compare with those technologies.

    For mobile use though, it’s cutting edge…if you’ve used a 3g air card before, and you’re familiar with there positives and negatives, you should expect about the same service outta this company’s 4g service..and you’ll see quite a bit faster speeds.

    I actually bought the mobile router they’s pretty nifty, I can take the usb modem out of my notebook,plug it in to the mobile router and turn it on.It creates a little mobile wifi hotspot(battery powered) that everyone around with a wifi adapter can connect to.

    Granted, since you’re then sharing the bandwidth, you’re pretty limited in what you’ll be able to do,if a few people are connected, you’re not gonna all be streaming youtube but if you’re all just checking mail, surfing the web gets the job done.

    Probably not anything the average Joe has gotta have, but for a tech geek like me, it was worth it for the wow-factor alone =)

  14. "Mr Niceguy" former Clear salesman says:

    I am a FORMER sales executive for Clear. I too was manipulated into thinking Clear was a reputable, honest, successful company (to work for). Nothing that was promised to me during the interview process (& there after) was the truth, so don’t be surprised if their sales tactics, service speeds, and connections are anything less then exaggeration. I truly thought that the service was great (in the beginning), until I would try to provide a service connection to a customer, and wouldn’t get one. I was constatly being told that Clear was still working on the towers in my “territory” and that service would be up and running soon. This NEVER happened!!! I was told to do anything to make and keep a sale (exaggerating the truth). The management is clueless and instructed to force sales on all the reps and maintain a “whatever it takes” attitude which ultimately results in lying to customers.

    After reading some of the comments posted on this site, I myself have learned some things about Clear that I was unaware of (even while being employed there). As a salesman, the amount of the cancellation fee, or that there was a restocking fee was never even disclosed! I’m sure there are a lot of details with held from salesman so that they will be more successful and be able to talk more customers into signing up for this inadequate network.

    To give you an idea of how poor the Clear network is, in my time a Clear employee, we had more cancellations then subscriptions that were kept. I am just glad that I was able to end my relationship with Clear without incurring any ridiculous fees!

  15. Mark says:

    OMG!! These guys promised me 30.00 a month but billed me 40 a month instead they kept saying they were going to reduce my rate after 5 calls and three months go by, they never reduce it,
    So i callled to cancel my service they tell me im on a contract!!!
    Why would i be on a contract i bought my modem and paid full price!
    they bill me for early termination.
    I am now in dispute!

    • Chip says:

      Thank you all for this extensive info! My wife and I are in our 40’s and just bought a laptop. It’s our first computer. (I know what you’re thinking and yes, we get indoor plumbing next week.) We were considering Clearwire but now will look @ options such as Comcast. If anyone has a suggestion, that’s cost effective, ($45.00 month from Comcast)we’d love to hear it.

  16. David says:

    Much that I read in the previous comments sounds familiar. My modem arrived yesterday and, although I am within sight of their tower, I had only one bar from any one of seven different locations I tried in my small, frame home. I phoned and tried a couple of things they suggested but still only received one bar. I informed them that I wanted to cancel and return the modem. The process took for ever and I was put on hold several times and had to insist on some sort of email confirmation of the cancellation but, when it arrived, it was vague. It used such language as “if you cancelled your account . . . .” . I did get a return label which I used today. I read the information I received when I ordered the service and it seemed to leave giant loopholes for them to charge me for various things if they chose to do so – so I phoned again. Yes . . I had explicitly requested that my account be closed . . . yes . . their would be a refund when the modem was received. But, as I pressed the issue, something was said about charging me for the few seconds of service used while attempting to find a signal. The modem was never connected to my computer. I never set up my account with a user name and password – and yet they wanted to charge me for “service used”. My cool began to crumble at that point and, before I finally hung up, I was assured that I would get a full refund. We will see – but I intended to pursue this if I don’t get that refund – even though the dollar amount is small. I was unaware that the modem might not be strong enough to pick up a good signal anywhere in the coverage area and that it might have to be repositioned. It didn’t work at all where I intended it to live and there was no way I was going to use it to “decorate” my home “in front of a window” – so I would have returned it even if locating it near a window got a good signal. I think that, in time, the technology will improve and wireless will become the norm for internet connection but, in the meantime, companies such as Clear need to make their money by given honest, quality service. I do business with Lands End, Amazon, Orvis and others and they have all always given me the benefit of the doubt in returning something. Clear should copy their example. David

  17. David Pirtle says:

    Don’t I wish I’d read these comments before committing to Clear (buying the hardware, subscribing to the service). When my clearwire modem arrived I could not have been happier. The speed in my apartment was greater than the cable modem I had been using. The cost was 10 dollars less. I even dropped my 40 dollar 3G service because now I had (at least allegedly) Unlimited 4G with 3G add on for 55 dollars.

    Ok, so all of this was before the great power outage of 2010 🙂 290,000 people lost power on monday because of a sudden storm. When power was resumed at my apartment the next day, my signal was gone. I contacted Clear to check on when their network would be up, and (keep in mind this is after 3 weeks of perfect service and signal) the rep told me it was nothing on their end. I simply wasn’t in their service area. This astounded me for obvious reasons. If I wasn’t in the service area, where was all this wonderful service before the storm coming from? Not to mention, if I wasn’t in the service area, why was I sold service in the first place, since the first thing they did was ask for my address to confirm that I could get a signal here. The support staff has been absolutely useless. Even if there was nothing they could do, they could at least have made an effort to seem as if they actually cared that there was nothing they could do. I worked in customer service for 13 years and I’m afraid I have very little patience for those whose job it is and who simultaneously show so much disdain for the customer. I am considering cancelling service, but waiting for a few more days to see if the unacknowledged storm damage to the signal is repaired. In the mean time, instead of having unlimited 3G service I now have capped 3G service for 15 extra dollars a month. Joy of joys.

  18. Guy says:

    I will not go into great detail but what I experienced with Clearwire has left me dumbfounded. In a nutshell, very inflexible…gives only 10 days to return equipment, poor service…I could not place a 911 call during a moderate rainstorm…expensive. I will never use or recommend Clearwire.

  19. jason says:

    i don’t really have anything bad to say, but what’s really ironic is that right when i got on this site to look for way to make my modem faster, it stopped… 20 minutes later I’m posting this comment

  20. Fred says:

    Clearwire is the worst internet service available and I reccomend everyone stay clear of them. They may list all these great numbers on there site but its all a bunch of bs and there internet is about as fast as dial up.