Apple Store: Not about the hardware or experience

  • May 24th, 2006

Recently, a friend and I dropped in at the local Apple Store (University Village) due to a minor mishap with her older G4 iBook. Somehow, the magnetic latch had managed to find itself slighty misaligned which prevented the cover from locking properly. We figured it wouldn’t hurt to take a few minutes to drop in and see what what type of professional recommendation(s) we might garner from the “knowledgeable” Apple staff.

Based off of past experience, Apple Store employees are generally some of the nicest individuals in the retail industry. Despite having to cater to the needs of fresh [Windows / OSX] converts, Apple employees are an overall happy crowd. I would be hard pressed to find individuals who think otherwise.

Immediately after entering, I scanned the vicinity for the same gentlemen who happened to help me the previous day with a damaged key. Without hesitating, and minus the usual “please make a reservation at the Genius Bar”, the key was retrieved from the backroom and promptly replaced. Service. No suprise that I would seek out this same individual for “professional advice”. Luckily, I happened to see him behind the Genius Bar which happened to be completely empty (despite Apple’s online registration reporting heavy traffic). I quickly explained the problem and pointed out the misaligned latch.

Apparently, the second gentlemen – hereafter referred to as ‘Bob’ – to our left felt the need to point out the Apple mod that I had done a few months back. Interrupting the first gentlemen I was speaking to, Bob spits out a “would you look at that logo” in a sarcastic tone. Bob then informed us that opening the case automatically voided the warranty. [Bob exits stage left to help a different customer.]

Stop… Deep breath. Relax.

Thanks Bob. That wasn’t what we came in for. What happened to caring about a users overall “Apple Experience” before dumping the “warranty” violation? Maybe something along the lines of “repairing the latch generally costs $xx.xx”. We would have been more than willing to front the repair fees.

What happened to the Apple love? The entire car ride home that sarcastic voice continued to replay itself in my mind. Fortunately, the voices disappeared as I removed the cover, repositioned the latch module, and resealed in about five minutes. I guess I must have voided the iBooks warranty again?