ShieldZone Invisible Shield installation

In an effort to thwart any further discoloration on my white MacBook, I decided to give ShieldZone’s Invisible Shield a try. This is a recollection of my experiences, initial thoughts, and a primer of sorts for future Invisible Shield users. View the ShieldZone set on Flickr.

shieldzone invisible shield

Similar to the 3M film that many luxury car owners apply to the front-end of their vehicles, the Invisible Shield is a clear protective film which when applied, creates a clear, scratch-resistant, protective layer between your computer and the dangers of the mobile computing world. ShieldZone backs their products with a 30-day money back & lifetime guarantee. Proof enough that the Utah based company is serious about assisting to protect your electronics.

What’s included?

Having opted for the Standard shield ($39.95), the package included two separate sheets of film. One giant sheet for the top, and an additional sheet containing the palm rests, touchpad, and trackpad button film. Additional package contents included the Application Solution, instructions, and a Shieldzone squeegee.

The time consuming application

Contrary to what your initial beliefs may be, this film is not like your average vinyl sticker. After having toiled nearly an hour applying & aligning the top film, I have a new found respect for auto window tinters. My personal tip concerning the application of the top film? Patience and swiftness.

As much as you saturate the film with the included Application Solution, the thing begins to stick within seconds. Either opt instead to use a diluted dish washing soap solution, or attempt to convince one to two other individuals to assist in aligning the film on all four sides. Additionally, work in a clean room. Make every attempt to eliminate any items which may leave lint underneath the film. Clear film matted against a white MacBook with colored lint between? Instant mini heart attack as you notice the lint just as the sides begin to align.

Fit & finish

ShieldZone has gone to great lengths to provide an accurate fit for its Invisible Shield sets. If positioned correctly, the sides of the top film align evenly on all four sides with approximately 1mm of space between the bottom lip and the edges of the film. Paul and I both agreed that it would have been nice if the palm rest film covered the entire bottom portion of the inner shell. As-is, the set leaves minute gaps below the keys and various areas around the trackpad.

What you should know

The following list will be updated as I notice details worth noting:

  • Air bubles that you may have missed during the initial application will magically dissappear.
  • Individuals who opt to apply the trackpad button shield will notice that the screen sticks to the film in the closed position. Imagine someone spreading a thing layer of molasses on your trackpad then shutting the screen. I guess it’s time to think about a fabric screen protector?

Discuss - 12 Comments

  1. Poldo says:

    Apple should know about this stuff so that they can put it in their MacBooks. 🙂

  2. Derek says:

    No. Apple just needs to decide on a plastic and a proper curing method. With all the humbug about discoloration near the palm rests, the internet needs to understand that only a small fraction of the total MacBook user base is experiencing the issue. The question is whether this small percentage will receive a little help.

    I see the situation unfolding in two ways. One is that Apple see’s the number of discolored MacBooks as a negligble number instead opting to pass the problem off as comsmetic, or two, Apple decides to announce a recall under warranty.

    It’s a hard situation. Based off of the preliminary investigation that I’ve done concerning the discoloration, the serial number strings are all over the place. There are a chunk of users reporting discoloration from one SN string, while another chunk of users in the same series report no issues.

  3. Jay says:

    Not too sure about discolouration, but the Invisible shield will surely protect the MacBook. I got a shield for my PSP and my MotoRazr, works beautifully.

  4. Derek says:

    How did it work out for you as far as bubbling and setting?

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  6. Jay says:

    I have one tiny bubble that refused to go away on the Razr, but it’s off to the side on the bottom, not very noticeable luckily. Otherwise just great… although one of then is off centre, but that’s my own fault for not being diligent enough! 🙂

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  8. Angelica says:

    Planning to purchase the Complete Cover for my Macbook. Would the heat for the bottom of the Macbook affect the Shield? Are the pieces for the bottom cut into pieces so that you will have the ability to take the battery out if you wish? How about where the illuminating logo is how did they work around that?

  9. Derek says:

    [quote comment=”3319″]Would the heat for the bottom of the Macbook affect the Shield? Are the pieces for the bottom cut into pieces so that you will have the ability to take the battery out if you wish? How about where the illuminating logo is how did they work around that?[/quote]

    I can’t comment on the heat or the actual fit for the bottom sheet (battery cutout, etc.). However, I can comment on the top film. The top sheet is one giant piece. The Apple logo is actually covered by the sheet. Not a problem since the sheet is clear.

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  12. Michael says:

    the bottom sheet comes in two pieces: one for the battery and one for the rest. The bottom has holes for all screws in the case, and wraps around on the back and left side.

    The trackpad cover for me made the trackpad not as responsive, so I removed it.

    To do this, you need a great deal of patience, time, and a very clean working environment. That being said: It’s definitely worth it.