Review & Contest: Incase Nano wallet

  • September 23rd, 2006

incase nano wallet - black

If there is one thing Apple hardware users enjoy, it’s protecting their appealing investments with equally attractive solutions – neoprene sleeves, padded backpacks, silicone / hard cases, etc. Incase Designs is one of a handful of manufacturers who create protective solutions for personal electronic. More specifically for Apple users, Incase offers protective line for Apple notebooks & iPods.

With an abundant iPod case offering, and a personal player of my own to protect, I decided to use the Nano Wallet ($20) by Incase.

Fit & finish – The aesthetics

Constructed of soft Nappa and suede, the leather is both visually attractive & protective. Seams are cross-stitched for strength and aesthetic details can be seen through and through. From the embossed white & green Incase logo, to the green patterned suede print within the wallet sleeve, the attention to to detail carries over from any other Incase product.

Users will immediately notice the snug fit as they insert the Nano into the case. A reassuring feeling knowing that the Nano will not slip out. The snugness does have its downsides. It is tedious to remove the Nano from the wallet – which will happen any time you wish to access the docking port for charging or attaching an FM-transmitter. An incredibly difficult decision for Incase – create a wider opening for greater access to the port exposing more “scratchable” area, or increasing protection at the expense of convenience?

I am thankful of the fact that protection took precedence over complete convenience. For the compact and minimalistic style of the Nano Wallet, the Nano is never exposed to the elements.

Functionality – Your new wallet?

incase nano wallet - black

Will the Incase Nano Wallet replace your existing hunk of leather? It may, and it can. If you find yourself questioning whether it is absolutely necessary to carry scores of plastic cards, receipts, and cash, a wallet which forces you to carry very little may be the answer.

As a wallet, and nothing else, the Nano Wallet is without a doubt, minimalist by nature. With just enough space for three cards – license, metro, and bank – there is very little room for much else than a few loose bills and a few business cards.

As an iPod Nano case, the Nano Wallet functions as well as any other “iPod case” manufactured by Incase. With it’s glove-life fit, accurately measured touch-wheel cutout, and sturdy leather and suede construction, your Nano will retain its pristine finish inside your coin-filled pockets or after bouncing off the pavement.

As a stylish convergence of the two – wallet & Nano case – you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that two of your most valued items are conveniently packaged as one. If you carry a Nano on you throughout most of the day, by all means, do consider. Be forewarned that the Nano Wallet will challenge you to decide on the bare necessities as far as wallet items are concerned. Ignore the funny looks from cashiers as you pull out your bank cards, it’s only because they’re wondering if that’s really a Nano in your wallet. Check out Flickr images tagged Incase for more images.

Want one? Win one!

Having an extra unused Incase Nano Wallet affords me with the necessary resource to give back to readers. If you’re interested, you can win an Incase Nano Wallet for your own Nano. I’ll take care of shipping as long as you’re in the continental US.

The requirements for entry? Upload a before & after image pair of your overstuffed wallet or bag to Flickr tagged stuffedforincase. The before being your empty wallet / bag with the contents laid out, the after being all the items noted in the before image stuffed within. Leave your links in the comments. No funny business, if you note your items saying everything will fit, everything better fit. I’ll be the judge. The most entertaining submission will receive a brand new Nano Wallet to teach the owner about minimalism.