BoardPusher custom board results

boardpusher sample

The custom skateboard that I created last week [Skateboards as a print medium] arrived earlier than expected. Great turn around time with printing and shipping taking approximately 6 days. The custom print job came by way of Now that I’ve had some time to compare the original design and the results before me, I’ve compiled a list of items pertaining to the overall BoardPusher service and board quality.

  • Colors will appear darker than your original design.
  • 600 DPI > 300 DPI
  • Respect the bleed line on the available templates.
  • BoardPusher customer service is top notch – phone support or timely email responses for questions.
  • Graphics are conveniently applied saving you the stress of applying the graphic properly.
  • Carefully shrink-wrapped & bubble-wrapped for protection.

There is no longer any reason to hesitate before creating something original for yourself. Irregardless of your skating skills, a custom board looks kick ass hanging on the wall. Unfortunately, one hanging board makes a wall look off-balance. I foresee a few other custom board orders in the near future. Check out the Flickr photoset for images.

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  1. eric says:

    first off derek, that design is fuckin badass to begin with, i’d probably only have the deck for display, its too nice to grind away. secondly i love finding new services that let me use my art besides your usual print forms. thanks for the cool site.

  2. Oliver says:

    Did the board come gripped?

  3. Derek says:

    No it did not come gripped, but the grip tape was included.

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