BHEESTIE Bag saves me $200: iPhone 1 vs. Heavy rain 0

  • January 7th, 2010

A couple days ago I decided to get some morning snowboarding in before the day started. Unfortunately, the rain which I hoped would subside persisted throughout the entire morning. Two hours later, our group decided it was time to call it quits. Immediately after loading up, I pulled my iPhone out of my ski pants nonchalantly wiping away the few drops of water I saw on the screen. I assumed that the water on the phone was transferred from my wet hands. I tilted the phone up only to see a few drops of water fall from the bottom of the phone. Upon closer inspection, I discovered another drop of water ready to fall – the source being the bottom speaker opening. Now I have a problem.

Not submerged, but any water is bad enough

Although the phone was not completely submerged, enough water had gotten into the handset to cause damage. The screen was dark and the camera lens was fogged along with half of the screen. An Apple Genius wouldn’t need to check the water damage sensors to come to a conclusion – water damage + voided warranty.

Later that day, the Apple Genius Bar rep informed me that I could purchase a refurbished handset for $199. Tempting. But so was the Google Nexus One announced the very same day. Call it coincidence, fate, or maybe a test… I recalled reading success stories of water damaged electronics. I walked out of the store 10 minutes later with plans to bring my out of warranty iPhone back to life.

BHEESTIE Bag brings my iPhone back to life

Bummed, I started spreading the word to contacts via email that I would be unreachable via phone. Within minutes I received a link to the BHEESTIE Bag. A few minutes later, I found this review by CNET who willingly tossed a working MP3 player into a fountain for testing. I was sold and immediately went out to purchase a bag.

Our company started because of a need – we were tired of replacing many a wet cellphone, iPod®, camera, etc. Now we bring this innovation to you.

BHEESTIE Bag® is the original product used to remove moisture from personal electronics. Our company’s goal is to bring you a product to help maintain & maybe even revive your wet cellphone, iPod®, camera, etc. Which saves you money and decreases wasteful dumping of electronics.

So did BHEESTIE work? Yes. 24 hours later my iPhone is back in my pocket. The little fish food looking pellets did their work absorbing moisture. The fogged camera lens and screens are completely dry and the phone hasn’t shut off without warning. Unfortunately, the water sensors are triggered and the phone is now out of warranty but the phone is fully functional saving me from having to spend $200 for a refurbished iPhone.

I learned my lesson from this whole ordeal. Waterproof ski pants are not completely waterproof if water can get through zippers and the iPhone is going in a Ziploc. Have you had any accidents involving your favorite electronics with any types of liquid? Were you able to salvage / save the electronic or lose it completely?