Are you protecting [power surge] your mobile gadgets?

  • May 6th, 2008

You never understand just how important a surge protector is until you experience the downside of being without. As your collection of mobile gadgets grows, so to does your need for safe power. If you’re lugging around a notebook computer (or two), your cellphone, or any other valuable electronics, I highly recommend investing in a surge protector [if you don’t already have one]. You really don’t have an excuse not to carry one in your backpack or messenger bag. Travel surge protectors are effective, better than previous generation offerings, and have miniature footprints.

Belkin mini surge protector packaging

Case in point, Belkin’s latest Mini Surge / USB Charger ($20-$25) which provides protection for three AC and two USB powered devices.

Belkin mini surge protector - what is included

The compact surge protector / charger is small and lightweight allowing it to fit nicely inside any of your bags. Because some wall outlets are not conveniently accessible to accommodate such a surge protector with multiple adapters of varying sizes connected, the device can pivot 360 degrees at 90 degree increments.

At home, I rely on a few PowerSquid surge protectors spread throughout the apartment for power. With the Belkin Mini Surge / USB Charger, I can extend the same safety at home to the corner coffee shop, hotel, or any other venue where I might need some extra juice. Are you regularly protecting your electronic devices with a surge protector?

PROS: A small footprint keeps this surge protector one of the lightest and smallest multi-adapter / device unit on the market. 3 AC & 2 USB ports means I can charge up to two laptops, a camera charger, and two cellphones at the same time safely. $75,000 warranty / protection from Belkin in the event of damage while using the adapter.

CONS: AC ports are not designed for wide [horizontal] plugs. Button lock for rotating plug can be difficult to press (unlock). Multiple heavy adapters will pull this mini surge protector off the wall.