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I recently discovered my fascination and addiction for collecting fonts. Some people collect icons [IconBuffet – Missing a set?], others collect wallpapers & themes. I now collect fonts. Collecting fonts for various projects and personal use can be quite expensive. That’s why free resources are so valuable. For those interested in adding to their personal collection, take note of the free downloads offered by FontShop. The offerings change from time-to-time so bookmark and visit often.

As far as font management is concerned, it’s hard to compete with free font management solution FontExplorer X.

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  1. Phil says:

    Custom fonts are always a good thing to have to give whatever you may be working on that little something extra. also has a very large collection of fonts for free download. According to their count they have close to 7000 fonts. Some good stuff on there.

  2. Derek says:

    Dafont has some good stuff. I think I may have chanced upon a torrent at one point which claimed to include a good majority of the fonts made available on Dafont as a single download.

  3. Ben Bishop says:

    Thanks Derek, I am developing a bit of a font fetish myself.

  4. Hans says:

    have you tried out, the top 100 is too great, I’ve even used some for your theme. They even allow you to preview how that text will be displayed with that font before you download it for mac or pc

  5. download says:


    Thanks for the compliment –no one has ever told me that before!!…