Web professionals; sign & track contracts with EchoSign

Last year Drew introduced me to web based service which expedited the process of sending, receiving, signing, and returning legal documents – contracts. Without the help of EchoSign, we would have lost a few days waiting for FedEx to deliver and return the signed documents. Why put up with the waiting time to send & receive documents? We live in the digital age! We live in the here & now; send, sign, done. That is exactly what EchoSign delivers.

EchoSign is the only true signature automation solution on the market today. Unlike virtual fax or e-signature software, EchoSign offers an end-to-end solution by automating the entire contracting process from the request for signature to the distribution and filing of the executed agreement.

Without spending too much time on explaining what the service offers, check out the self-explanatory screencast of how EchoSign can improve your legal document delivery and processing.

Recipients are provided two options for signing legal documents: 1) the more conventional printable PDF to sign and return via fax, or 2) an e-Signature which completes and files the document in seconds.

Why is this service of value for web professionals or freelancers? EchoSign helps deliver the speediest processing time of legal documents between multiple parties and ensures that all documents are organized and accessible online (in addition to the local copies that all pertinent parties receive via email).

Registration is free. Request up to 10 signatures and archive up to 10 documents per month at no charge. Upgrade to the Pro, Team, or Enterprise tiers for a significant number of additional features including unlimited signatures, reminders, PDF encryption, archive backups to DVD, and custom email templates. Find out more about the monthly packages and pricing.

Disclosure: I am a free EchoSign account user limited to 10 tracked signatures and 10 archived documents per month.

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  1. Thanks Derek, I’m checking them out now.

  2. Sam Lu says:

    Thanks for sharing this, I wish I knew about this earlier!

  3. jakedahn says:

    Interesting, I’ll make sure to check them out. I really like some of the features they have, like the backup feature, and custom templating.

  4. Derek says:

    Curious to know what everyone else was doing for their contracts? The traditional mail or fax?

  5. Sam Lu says:

    I met up with my clients so far since they’ve all been local 😛

  6. Drew says:

    Just saw this post. =)

    I swear by EchoSign. I use(d) them soo much they asked me for a quote to put on their site. Don’t think it ever made it, must have been too over the top.

  7. Alex says:

    Thanks Derek, I’ve been looking for something just like this and i visit your page regularly so i was pleased to find this article.

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