Stop MobileMe / iCloud mobile document hang

  • November 22nd, 2011

The spinning [OS X] beach ball of death would often pop-up whenever I started a new iA Writer document. I fired up to see if there were any hints as to what may be causing the temporary hang and found the following:

11/22/11 11:07:35.566 AM librariand: items added to file://localhost/Users/Hermes/Library/Mobile%20Documents/ mobile documents not enabled (4)

Mobile Documents. Hmm. That could be referencing one of two services on my Mac: 1) the old MobileMe service or 2) the new iCloud service. No reason to be signed into MobileMe anymore right? Signing out of MobileMe but staying signed-in to iCloud seems to have resolved the temporary hang. The console no longer complains about mobile documents being disabled.