Looking for Google Voice? Voice invites inside

  • October 30th, 2009

Google-VoiceI managed to get my hands on a GrandCentral phone number before the service was acquired by Google in 2007. Armed with a truly mobile "mobile" virtual number, I’ve managed to maintain better control and organization of my personal and non-personal phone calls – almost granular depending on who may be calling.

Although I have not yet made use of the option to ring multiple lines – home, work, or cellphone – with an incoming Google Voice call, I have made use of some of the other useful features. Features like voicemail transcription & delivery via email (bonus option to listen to VM attachments) or SMS, customized voicemail groups, and smart screening are all features a typical wireless carrier would enjoy seeing you dream about.

As I continued using the service, I’ve realized that Google has truly changed my view of the phone number. There was a period when I considered changing my voicemail greeting to instruct callers to email instead of leaving a message.

Has your view of the boring "old school" phone number changed after reviewing what Google Voice offers?

Naturally, privacy nuts will challenge the security and safety of personal privacy by entrusting Google with yet another data rich form of communication. What are you thoughts? Personally, I’ve warmed up quite a bit to the Google suite of services.

Two Google Voice invites up for grabs

Most of my contacts are using Google Voice already which leaves me with extra invites to share with readers. To claim one of the two invites, simply post a comment below. Bonus points for sharing how you think Google Voice will help you. Winners will be selected on Wednesday Nov. 4th.

Update: Invites passed out to two lucky readers. Hopefully the emails used in the comments were legit. Check your inboxes for a confirmation people.