iA Writer and WordPress publishing

  • November 19th, 2011

iA Writer has some magic joojoo. I use this no gimmicks focused writing tool at work to record meeting notes and brainstorming sessions.

I’m playing with a publishing flow (for this site) which will allow me to compose my thoughts within iA Writer and publish directly to the site using a few handy keyboard shortcuts.

Credit to this iA Writer + WordPress workflow which I used as a base. I experimented [and failed] with Markdown.pl + Automator for conversion prior to sending the post to the site. If anyone has any tips on getting the workflow working correctly, please leave a comment. The current system works like this:

  1. Compose post in iA Writer
  2. Keyboard shortcut via Keyboard Maestro
  3. Part of the macro includes the posting workflow (select body, compose email and send to site)

I tried to mix in the shell script to handle the markdown -> HTML. For now, I’m using the handy Markdown on Save Improved plugin.

If crontab was configured correctly, this iA Writer to WordPress post should be published automatically.