Google does calendars with CL2

Being in a constant disorganized state, I often seek out methods for improving my productivity. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a suitable methodology for remembering minor “todo” items or events. I’ve experimented with various calendar services including Hipcal, and more recently, 30Boxes. Time and time again I realize that I lack the discipline necessary to work any of those services into my daily routine. I have been somewhat successful at maintaining a todo list using 37 Signals Backpack by setting my browser homepage to my personal page. Even then, I seem to be flaky checking and updating the list as Firefox’s Session Saver knows that I rarely view the page.

I have concluded that the reason for my inability to maintain a web based calendar is due to the fact that previous services were inconvenient. As feature rich or eyecandy appealing as the services are, logging into a calendar service felt unnatural. What I need is a service which works with current service I rely on on a daily basis; namely Gmail.

It must feel great to be in a certain position of power, as is Michael Arrington, to stand at the top and spread the news regarding pre-public (upcoming) services. Where would we be without the likes of TechCrunch? According to Michael’s Exclusive Screenshots: Google Calendar, I can now sit comfortably knowing that my unorganized habits may soon be remedied thanks to Google’s upcoming CL2.

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  1. Jay says:

    I recently posted elsewhere that I love 30Boxes, but I’m with you in that it does feel a little unnatural to log into eachtime (but it’s admittedly a GREAT online calendar that I’ve actually started getting to using quazi-daily)… But judging from what I’ve just read on TechCrunch and those lovely screenshots, CL2 just might be able to take over my life (figuratively speaking). Too bad there still seems to be a long wait time for launch.

  2. Just curious… what’s so great about online calendars, as opposed to desktop ones? I don’t get it. Do you do a lot of traveling where you’re at multiple computers on a daily basis? I would think the ideal calendar program would be something like iCal (but better), where it’s desktop-based but allows you to sync to an online account. I would think having to open a browser window and logging in to google every time I wanted to check my calendar would be very inconvenient.

  3. Jay says:

    It would only be inconvenient if you didn’t already use Gmail everyday. Personally, I don’t use a Mac, so iCal is out of the question (I hear good things though). I don’t travel a lot, but between work and home, I do use 2-3 different PCs, so easy access to a calendar is great. It truly just depends on your lifestyle whether or not a calendar of any type (desktop, online, paper) is right for you.

    Chances are that you login to Gmail daily anyways (several times a day in my case), so the added convenience of a calendar being right there is a wonderful thought. And really, is there a big difference in opening a desktop app or a web browser? Odds are the browser is already open, or maybe that’s just me? (I litterally have Firefox open all day while at work). Firefox IS my all-in-one desktop app.

  4. Derek says:

    will: for starters, web based calendars are not limiting. meaning that i can access my events or make updates from any terminal. better services will allow me to do so via sms or email sent from a cellphone to the service itself. i was once an apple powerbook user and relied on ical religiously. the application was great. unfortunately, i no longer use osx and have yet to find a comparable application for windows. calendarhub was somewhat useful with it’s downloadable utility.

    i think one of the greatest strengths that cl2 will possess is the integration with gmail. being my most used service (even exceeding usage of any daily applications), i know for sure that i won’t be bothered with having to visit another website.

    i personally prefer web based services. mobility aside, most of these services provide great ways to share information with others. i know that ical users can publish events to the internet, but web based services allow any user to register and make changes to “shared” calendars.

  5. RyanB says:

    I can’y wait to have a go at CL2.

    PS- check your 30boxes link 😉

  6. Derek says:

    thanks ryan. btw, did you catch the fact that michael arrigtons screenshots of cl2 came from a yahoo employee who had access to cl2? valleywag has the story.

  7. Sean says:

    Thanks for the link! I eagerly await the release of cl2!