Google does calendars with CL2

  • March 8th, 2006

Being in a constant disorganized state, I often seek out methods for improving my productivity. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a suitable methodology for remembering minor “todo” items or events. I’ve experimented with various calendar services including Hipcal, and more recently, 30Boxes. Time and time again I realize that I lack the discipline necessary to work any of those services into my daily routine. I have been somewhat successful at maintaining a todo list using 37 Signals Backpack by setting my browser homepage to my personal page. Even then, I seem to be flaky checking and updating the list as Firefox’s Session Saver knows that I rarely view the page.

I have concluded that the reason for my inability to maintain a web based calendar is due to the fact that previous services were inconvenient. As feature rich or eyecandy appealing as the services are, logging into a calendar service felt unnatural. What I need is a service which works with current service I rely on on a daily basis; namely Gmail.

It must feel great to be in a certain position of power, as is Michael Arrington, to stand at the top and spread the news regarding pre-public (upcoming) services. Where would we be without the likes of TechCrunch? According to Michael’s Exclusive Screenshots: Google Calendar, I can now sit comfortably knowing that my unorganized habits may soon be remedied thanks to Google’s upcoming CL2.