Blogging with TextMate

  • September 14th, 2006

An exhaustive day of coding deserves a little down time reading through feeds, visiting favorite blogs, and taking a few minutes to address certain items on the virtual to-do list. One such task – which I have now crossed off the list – is acquainting myself with the integrated blogging bundle packaged into TextMate.

textmate blogging

So what exactly does TextMate offer aside from its stellar text editing, code manipulating, bundle stuffed interface? TextMate can serve as a desktop blogging client. A great app which rivals the feature-set found in comparable strictly blogging based solutions:

  • Out-of-the-box support for Moveable Type, WordPress, and Type blogs.
  • Live spell checking thanks to the OS X Dictionary.
  • Specify “headers” to control how your post is managed once it is pushed from TextMate to your hosted blog. Edit the Title, Post ID, Date, Category, Keywords, Tags, or whether to allow Pings and / or Comments.
  • Image uploading – simply drag an image into the TextMate editor window. The image is then uploaded to your blogging installation with the correct URL now inserted into your document.
  • Instruct TextMate to pull content from your blog for editing. Posts are displayed in a drop down menu prompt allowing you to edit and then republish your updated content.

A more sound investment for anyone who is already considering dropping some weekend coffee money on an application which serves strictly as a blogging client – nothing else. With TextMate, you receive a coding / markup managing monster and publishing client in one.