Andy Budd grid overlay bookmarklet

grid bookmarklet

Andy Budd, author of CSS Mastery & Blog Design Solutions, whipped up a pair of indispensable browser bookmarklets. Anyone who has created a website probably uses some form of a pixel grid to double check DIV element positioning and spacing during the initial structuring of a web page. Andy’s bookmarklets allow users to overlay their layouts with a transparent pixel perfect grid for positioning elements. Grab your bookmarklets from Andy Budd’s Blogography.

Discovering these bookmarklets made me question why I wasted so much time flipping between TextMate, Photoshop, and my browser(s).

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  1. Dale Cruse says:

    I starting using Andy’s grid tool the day it was released. The beauty is that it’s so head-slappingly simple that I can’t believe none of us have ever thought of it before.

  2. Derek says:

    Isn’t that how things generally are? The simplest things often slip our minds and the moment someone else presents the idea, we slap ourselves thinking why didn’t I think of that?