Desktop wallpaper: Seattle Wooden Boatyard

  • May 24th, 2007

Sample images of widescreen Seattle Boatyard desktop wallpaper

Widescreen 2560 x 1600 desktop wallpaper(s) – Free 8.2 MB ZIP

Yesterday evening I attended my younger siblings Greenlake Crew Awards Banquet held on the south end of Lake Union near the Center for Wooden Boats. Having been a considerable amount of time since my Nikon D80 had seen the light of day, captured public facing photographs, or taken snapshots of something other than various gadgets & toys, I lugged my dSLR along with me to the awards banquet. Not having any more than 10 minutes of free time before the banquet, I wandered around the boatyard for anything that caught my attention. I turned 4 images into widescreen desktop walls at 2560 x 1600 resolution.

Download 8.2 MB (zip): Seattle Wooden Boatyard (widescreen 2560 x 1600)