Welcoming 2007, a look back at 2006

  • January 1st, 2007

Seeing as though today is the last 1st day of the 2006 year, I felt it would only be fitting to look back at everything that I’ve experienced, accomplish, and or discovered over the past year while carrying the domain 5thirtyone.com.

I can safely say that the move to a self-hosted blog and the decision to make a move towards internet entrepreneurship opened up a considerable number of networking, blogging, and professional & freelance opportunities.

The ever popular ack MySpace related tutorials [1, 2, 3, & 4] and releases [1 & 2] lead to my eventual contract with TagWorld. A valuable first experience working with a social network startup which opened my eyes to how this social web worked. Someone once asked me how I brought in my first wave of steady referral traffic. There’s no denying that much of my initial traffic originated and continues to amass thanks to a number of MySpace related search engine keywords.

Eventually, I decided to give back to the WordPress community by providing a few publicly available themes available free of chargeFoliage, Foliage Mod, V2, and the special Pink for October release October Special (later optimized with Niel).

Networking continued throughout 2006 which provided me with the opportunity to meet Mr. Noah Kagan, a walking genius by the name of Andrew Chen, as well as a number of other internet “geeks” om the flesh reminding me that a) we’re all normal “looking”, b) there’s no shame in admitting that you’re a “blogger”, or c) geek is cool, just not the same cool that others may relate or associate with.

Sometime late last month, I realized that rants online are noticed. If you’re lucky enough, and a New York Times editor is interested, they’ll stumble upon your post about missing out on this years hard-to-get gaming console and include you in their NYTimes Technology article. It’s a completely different vibe seeing your name printed on actual paper rather than reposted and published / pushed through the inter-tubes. Concerning the brouhaha surrounding the discolored MacBooks, Apple, I still love you.

After a number of freelance projects, I accepted an opportunity to work with an outstanding web team parented by Mediaguide and 3Bubbles. Expect to hear more about progress and news throughout the early part of 2007.

As I am sure many others can relate, 2006 felt like a blip on a the radar. Farewell to ’06, and welcome 2007. May this year be as strong as the last. Wishing all the 5thirtyone.com readers all the best during 2007. Always curious about where readers are referred from, feel free to drop a comment and let me know where, how, and when you happened to hear about 5thirtyone.com. What are you expectations for the 2007 year?

If you’re looking for additional geekery online, check out UNEASYsilence (new design launched as well).