Want to get on my pathetic [Christmas] tree?

  • November 30th, 2006

My pathetic looking Christmas tree

With the wild success of the Million Dollar Homepage, and the ensuing massive flow of imitators, I’m surprised that the upcoming holiday hasn’t presented the net with Christmas tree sponsorship opportunities. The idea inspired by a Flickr note left by Paul on the above image of Charlie Brown pathetic tree.

The tree is very much pathetic. At this very moment, it sits next to me on my window sill. Drooping. Most likely saddened by the fact that its bare branches could never hold the weight of snow as large flakes floated down just outside the window. The beauty of such bareness is that fact that all an observer will be forced to look at nothing else but the ornaments which dangle from the branches.

Interested in “sponsoring” a similar pathetic tree? For a small fee of $10 + whatever ornament you send (approval necessary), you’ll reserve branch-estate for holiday exposure during the final week of December.

  • I will personally lug the pathetic tree through the streets of downtown during the holiday shopping frenzy.
  • I will willingly drop this tree on a coffee / dining table at every holiday party or dinner that I attend.
  • The pathetic tree will accompany me during work sessions at my favorite coffee shops.
  • Get your blog immortalized online as the first ever, sponsored pathetic tree participant.

Approval of ornaments necessary before being accepted for pathetic tree placement (we can’t have any of those “dirty” sites being endorsed during the holidays). Express your interest in the comments.