The Uber Cow, Volkswagen MkV R32 Teaser

  • February 13th, 2008

Since its purchase date via CarsDirect, the Volkswagen MkV R32 has earned itself the nickname "uber cow" due the black & white motif and its curb weight (shout out to Accutint and Speedware Motorsports for the help). After a few modifications, the car feels like a completely different set of wheels.

Derek’s R32 teaser from Philip Thangsombat on Vimeo.

In preparation for a Volkswagen enthusiasts gathering, Phil snagged some footage of the car and edited the clips into a short teaser video above. FYI, the song playing in the background is "This Language" by Stateless.

philming by kevnwin

If you are in the area and want to drop by, let me know in the comments or check out the Upcoming invite.