Post CSS Reboot wrap

  • May 2nd, 2006

The Spring CSS Reboot has finally come to a close and after perusing comments & emails concerning 5ThirtyOne and other rebooted pages, I can finally begin to collect my thoughts concerning the experience. I guess it’s fair for me to explain why I decided to participate in this years Spring Reboot. The simple motivating factor, which I am almost ashamed to admit, was recognition. A few more wandering eyes – which I had hoped to lure in as best I could with the paltry 200×140 px thumbnail – to notice that 5ThirtyOne existed.

Snagged lines

My overall experience with the design community driven project was mixed. An honest 50/50 split. On the upside: exposure, interaction, and feedback between and from peers. On the downside, total lack of respect from anonymous readers. Note to future “I do this for a living professionals” that decide to flame a site, make sure your own link doesn’t point to Blogspot or Google Pages. And what’s with the low ratings on pages. I have yet to see any sites – after a day of voting – with anything above 3-stars. Has the voting gone asshat backwards like Digg?

Oh look! The blogs are flowering…

Nothing beats Spring cleaning like a fresh new front page look. Conveniently, I decided to stress myself with each page load: “Look, The Foliage Mod is decent, stick with that and modify it for the reboot. Wait! No, the fonts are too small, lets make something a little easier to read and call it 5ThirtyOne v2 and call it quits. Dammit, the content layout is piss poor and now I’m kicking myself. Get your ass into gear and whip up something new. You’ve got 24 hours!”

What’s planned for the next reboot?

My hope is that OCDD [Obsessive compulsive design disorder] does not kick in before the net reboot. The ultimate goal is to keep this gridded layout up as long as possible. There are no guarantees that I won’t make subtle changes here or there, but the base of the site will remain untouched.

Stay tuned for my favorite layouts wrap up. 15 pages of submissions is a lot to sift through.