Personal interview on Pinoy WordPress

  • May 24th, 2006

Benji from PinoyWordPress, which caters to the Flilipino WordPress community, fired some one-on-one questions my way for an online interview. Something entirely new for me considering the interview focused on the roots of my current “aspiring” design phase.

P_WP: Hi and welcome to, let’s start out first with how you got started in the web industry. Are you more of a technical person that can present websites pretty well into some art form? Or are you more of an artist that learned some technical knowledge on how to make websites? What is your background?

Derek: I feel like I’ll hurt my head if I really sit down to think about this one. I think it would be better if I dropped a general background on how I came to find myself in this "aspiring" creative mode.

I’m not one for words, but the interview was definitely an eye opener. A prominent reminder that I still have quite a lot to learn about my own culture. It was also a great time to reflect on my view(s) concerning web design, and maturing from my habits of old to my current trial and error method of coding.

I would like to continue believing that I’ve learned from my old bad habits.

I am more than thankful for the support and responses I’ve received from readers or anyone else that felt compelled enough to read my meager thoughts or un-widgetized themes. Trust me, I’ll jump on the bandwagon soon enough.