ClaimID to manage your online identity?

How often do you drop your own name into an online search engine? Go ahead. Admit it. How many times per week do you query the online indexes in search of your name knowing full well that the results are probably no different from yesterday, last week, or last month [EgoSurf]?

Your next potential employer will probably sit down in front of Google to check on your online activities. Search engine spiders are merciless and sniff out every single text snippet and file related to your qeury keywords. As such, you can imagine – or already are aware of – the fact that search engine results may not play in your favor. ClaimID aims at resolving the problems associated with common names and search results.

ClaimID is a service that lets you claim the information that is about you online. That information is then associated with your name, providing folks an easy way to see what is and isn’t about you online. In doing so, you get to influence the search engines, […] ClaimID is about letting you have some say in what search engines say about you.

Surf the internet as you normally would and “claim” sites [using a handy bookmarklet] that shape your online identity. I’ve registered and claimed a handful of sites that I have had direct connection with. I almost claimed myself as being a surgeon but decided instead to tag my design related sites. Similar to the likes of or Squidoo, ClaimID provides users with an online “home” listing related links (tagged, annotated, and organized into groups).

If you’re interested in reshaping your online identity, the following invite link well get you started. Check the service out and report back with your thoughts.

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  1. Myles says:

    I checked it out. In my opinion, it’s an awesome idea.

  2. Derek says:

    well the trick is getting your claimid page to show up at the top of your results list(s).

  3. Jay says:

    Very very cool. I still need to add a few pages as I only just tossed a couple there, but I see the potential of a site/service like this!

  4. […] I signed up and I’m slowly adding in any pertinet sites relating to me. I hardly realized that there were so many. Here’s my claimID page [work in progress due to lack of time]. Derek has an invite link over on his review about it (how’d you get that buddy?). […]

  5. Jay says:

    Huh wha now? How’d my blog post get into your comments!? LOL

  6. Derek says:

    trackbacks buddy. wordpress is pretty good at sending trackbacks / pings to it’s brethren installations.

  7. Jay says:

    So THAT’S the difference! Got it! 😉 Thanks. (and I hope you don’t mind, hehe)

  8. briconcella says:

    I ve spread the news in French about IDClaim (no trackbacks on this blog?) Here is the link:
    VERY interesting. Didn’t know one of my homonym had a porn portal in Germany…

  9. Derek says:

    trackbacks work. make sure you dropped the link into the ‘trackbacks’ form from your editing page.

  10. Steve George says:

    It’s going to be interesting to see what the claimID people can come up with as I’m sure there are loads of ways to expand this service. Hopefully, it will help to make an identity/name more findable. I have a very common name so I set-up my page, Steve George yesterday and I’m going to keep an eye on how well it does on Google. Hopefully, it will get good results!


  11. I am thankful to claimID, this really helped me a lot and lightens my workloads.