Change and something to look foward to

  • June 13th, 2007

Aside from a few Tweets, I admit that all things 531 related have diminished down to a dull whisper. Cause for concern? Not at all. Tides have turned, and I’ve made a few decisions which have left little time for much else. The dry spell for content and activity on can simply be described as temporary.

Rather than going into detail concerning recent changes, I close with a handful of links hinting towards a new chapter: Belltown, Palo Alto, MyQuire, CSS, RoR, and ComicMix.

Until the boxes are unpacked, the development environment setup, and the todo list marked complete from top to bottom, look for progress. There are a few full posts lined up on my experiences, discoveries, tutorials, and reviews on items that I continually take for granted but have realized I can’t live without.