Audi S6 LED install for Volkswagen MkV R32


I admit that when I first began this project, I had the utmost confidence that I would complete the installation in 5 hours or less. With help from Kevin, I was sure that I could prune that time down to 3 hours or less. I was wrong. Overconfidence can be very misleading. The plan? Take one set of original equipment (OE) Audi S6 LEDs and install them on a MkV Volkswagen R32.

Get the supplies, hardware, and tools


Requirements (or highly recommended items): OE Audi S6 driving lights acquired direct through Audi or online, Audi S6 LED harness, jack + suitable jack-stand(s), electrical connectors + tools, electrical tape, thin metal strips for custom brackets + hardware, Dremel + cutting tools, hex and torx bit set(s), and a second set of hands.

3 lines

Front & lower grill removal

Lower grill screws

Start with the two lower grills. Mark the bottom edge of the last horizontal grill on each side. This will be the highest that you are allowed to cut (for bottom placement). Both are secured with two philips screws closest to the aluminum center grill. Once these are removed apply pressure near the top of the grill to unclip then pull straight out.

Grill delete

The center aluminum pieces slides off just as easy assuming you remove two screws from the top under the hood, two behind your license plate frame (towards the outer edges), and two (on each side) which are exposed once the lower grill pieces are removed.

Washer cover removal

Before moving on to the bumper delete, you’ll want to disconnect the headlight washers from the bumper cover pieces. Do this by prying the bottom edges up to slip your fingers underneath. The washers slide out at ~45 degree angle. Unclip the covers and lay them to the side.

Washer cover removed

Bumper removal

Now comes everyones favorite part locating all the necessary screws to loosen and put aside. Start underneath the front of the vehicle and locate the two screws in directly underneath the middle of the bumper. Follow that with three screws on the underside (left & right). Then, remove three screws from the front edges of the wheel wells. The final two screws are at the top of the bumper piece behind where the aluminum grill used to be. With a second set of hands, the bumper will now slide straight off.

Detach washer from bumper

Before excitedly removing the bumper completely, unclip and unscrew the headlight washers from the bumper. You’ll notice that a single hose feeds both washers [which is also secured in place with metal clips.

R32 bumper delete

With the front bumper removed, you’ll have one naked looking MkV R32.

Bumper trim + brackets

This next step requires a little more trial and error. Because the S6 LEDs are not a direct drop in solution for any Volkswagen, the process of fitting requires patience and small passes with a Dremel cutting disk. The process was tedious – a combination of cut and test fit, cut and test fit. Using the last horizontal edge of the lower grills as guides, I marked the lowers with a pen to give me a rough idea of where to cut.

Dotted guide

And it begins

Corner trim

Grill test

Rear LED brackets

Once both sides had been trimmed down enough to fit the LEDs, Kevin cut and bent a set of brackets to secure the lights to the bumper.

Electrical, wire as fogs or tap sidemarkers

Wiring test

Because I had already deleted my North American sidemarkers, I had a set of previously used harnesses to tap for power. Unfortunately, because the LEDs were not plug ‘n play, I simply snipped the sidemarker harness and reconnected with to the OE Audi S6 harnesses. Remember, brown is ground.

Some individuals might decide to run the Audi harness directly to the fuse box and reprogram their light switch in order for the LEDs to act as fogs, I chose to reuse the sidemarker wires allowing me to run the lights full time or as parking lights.

Final results

Final prep test

S6 LEDs installed

With the lights properly tested and wiring secured, it was time to re-assemble the front end of the vehicle. The end result was well worth the frustration and sore finger tips. I imagine the total cost had I commissioned a body shop to install the lights would have been in excess of $400.

Thanks Kevin for providing the second set of hands to tear everything apart and for the metal brackets. Also, thank you Syl for driving over to drop off the electrical tape! I don’t know how I managed to forget that.

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  1. Michael says:


    I love what you’re doing to the car Derek. Keep us posted on the new mods and things you add to it.

    I’m looking at a 1990 GTI right now – don’t have a big budget for a mk4 or 5 (plus, I couldn’t afford the insurance on a new car).

  2. will says:

    So.. I’ll buy dinner in China town and you can help me with mine right?

  3. Hugo says:

    That looks really awesome. And you have a nice machine there.
    Hope you have a lot of fun with it.

  4. The ride gets slicker and slicker! A couple of questions though, how come you chose to install the lights on the bottom side? If I’m not mistaken the s6’s led are on top. And thats one bright plate. Did you use those Phatom plate things or is it normal for it to be that bright?

  5. Derek says:

    S6 LED placement is near the top of the bumper. A couple reasons why I wanted them low was 1) there are no suitable [strong] points for securing the LEDs near the top of the bumper, 2) I didn’t like the "lines" having the LEDs so close to the turn signals, and 3) I just think they look better down low 🙂

    * The photo was taken with a flash so I just blurred the rest of the license plate out in Photoshop *

  6. Ah, thanks for the clear up. Setting the leds down low will make even more people turn heads. Good stuff.

  7. Kevinwin says:

    nice write up! ahh i’m glad to see the finished work look soo good. Now time to have a detailing day so you can put that touch up paint to use!

  8. Derek says:

    Kevin, already threw that touch up paint on the few mistakes I made. That stuff can’t wait man..

  9. Kip says:

    Wow. That car has become absolutely sexy.

  10. Daniel says:

    I have to say, tho you put forth the effort, and effort it was I don’t think you made the design of the car any better. You might as well have tie strapped a few “glow sticks” to the frame that being said I’ve never been a big fan of adding “lights” to a car. Tho filling out the wheel well with the perfect rim/tire/suspension combo usually is a step in the right direction…

  11. Andrew says:

    Damn, those LEDs look hot man!

  12. Vinny says:

    Just picked up a TR .:R couple weeks ago, and have been browsing ‘tex posts on these and installs.

    Derek, where did you source the light and harness from? I’ve been wanting these but ECS doesn’t have the harness.

    Did you just tap the sidemarker light or directly connected it. I wonder if i tap instead of splice, it will have enough juice to power both. Fantastic DIY by the way.

    I’m bout to do one for the avic-d3x i got on order from enfig.

  13. Derek says:

    @Vinny, talk to Josh at When I spoke to him the set on the car now was the last set they had in stock. More should be coming in. I know there is a group buy going on in the GolfMKV Forums right now (Sponsored section by RedlineMotorsports – I think?). The only place I’ve seen the harness is or through forum sponsors.

    Concerning the wiring, I tried both. Ultimately I cut the sidemarkers completely and hooked them up directly. I had no plans of running the sidemarkers anyway with them being color matched.

    You’ll enjoy the D3. It’s a great setup to run for a little bit of everything. I installed mine soon after I picked up the car. I didn’t even consider the nav package for the R because I planned on the D3 serving as the head unit.

  14. Mark Nutter says:

    Very nice. Makes my 07′ Rabbit look positively ordinary..

  15. Tahn says:

    Gorgeous car. I am green with envy!

  16. riseyp says:

    those are gorgeous lights!!

  17. brian says:

    That looks cool! Imagine if you used it and to carpool with… People would see you coming from miles away 😉

  18. Kenji says:

    Looking good. I wonder how much it’d be to get the lights from the R8, or newer AUDIs, the fancy ones with the fairy lights actually inside the light enclosure?!

  19. mkv taco says:

    can this be done to the city lights so there connected to the parking lights within the headlights?

  20. Oakie says:


    The lights look great! With your mounting instructions, i’m gonna attempt this soon.

    I need your help tho. I have the wiring harness but I have no clue what goes where. I want to wire them up as fog lights.

    From what I see. The other end of the harness with the 2 LED connectors has a wire that I assume goes into the relay. I’m not sure where the second one(Red Ring Connector)goes.

    Then from the relay there are 2 wires where I’m not sure goes to either. One of the wires already has an adapter that probably plugs into a harness under the dash but I’m not sure which one. And the other wire(grey) doesn’t have an adapter.

    Any help would be great.