34,000+ miles in 2.5 weeks through 6 cities in 3 countries

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Hochiminh's garage

A short flight from Hanoi is Saigon, otherwise known as Ho-chi Minh City. Above, the Ho-chi Minh memorial. Directly adjacent to the memorial was Ho-chi Minh’s living quarters including his garage of used cars.

Vietnam Airlines

From Saigon, we flew to Nha Trang on the coast of Vietnam. Directly across from Nha Trang – situated on its own private island – was the Vin Pearl Resort & Spa. Nearly self contained, the resort faced an ocean cove with white sand beaches, a three part pool, an amusement park, a water park, and its own food "island". We ran into Jerry Springer at the Vin Pearl Resort – Syl has the picture to prove it – who was hosting the 2008 Miss Universe pageant at the next resort over.

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  1. Aaron says:

    Wicked post and some really nice pictures! I was literally in Nha Trang at the very same time, even on Vinapearl island… did you go in the water park? And the sailing club?
    Anyway keep it up and thought you might want to have a look at my travel blog, got some nice features like a geo-tagged picture map etc that’s all fed from a nokia n95 and WiFi, let me know what you think…

  2. nocturnale says:

    Come to Malaysia. You won’t be disappointed.

  3. A9tm says:

    Awesome, I like your photos.
    Will you come Vietnam again?

  4. Edna says:

    You’re a certified travel bug, I see. Travelling truly broaden ones horizons. I’ve been to Folsom and had a fun adventure!