34,000+ miles in 2.5 weeks through 6 cities in 3 countries

  • August 7th, 2008



Like I said, scooters outnumber cars and trucks. Locals are very creative and make use of every possible opportunity to carry a large load on the front, back or sides of their scooters. In the city, it is quite normal to see 4+ people on a single 50cc scooter. Outside the city, you witness a little more creativity when it comes to carrying precious cargo.

Ha Long Bay boats

Limestone cave

A couple hours away from Hanoi is Ha Long Bay which consists of a couple thousand limestone islands and isles. A popular tourist destination, Ha Long was a bustling collection of visitors from around the world. The image above is looking down at the port leading up to one of the giant limestone caves. Many locals call Ha Long Bay home while living in tight knit floating fishing villages which even have floating schools for children.

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