34,000+ miles in 2.5 weeks through 6 cities in 3 countries

The majority of our trip in Asia was spent in Vietnam. Our point of entry was Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. It was here that we – Syl and our three friends – visited amazing places like Ha Long Bay, Saigon or Ho-chi Minh City, and the Vin Pearl Resort in Nha Trang.

Vietnam house

Where we stayed in Hanoi. A comfortable residence located towards the middle of the city. Many thanks to Tammy’s extended family for hosting us and helping ensure our first trip to Vietnam was memorable.


Graffitti with a purpose. Information stenciled on to the sides of buildings and street walls.

IT hell

Amazing organized chaos. Despite looking like an IT managers nightmare, I noticed that wires which looked to be strung this way or that were done so with purpose. Wires that deliver high speed DSL internet and telephone to customers throughout the city.

Scooter city

Crazy scooters

If you want to get around the city, you have a couple options: 1) get around on a scooter (outnumber vehicles 10x over), 2) taxi, 3) walk, or 4) hire a personal driver. Note that if you do elect to drive, or ride in a automobile, there is very little sense of order. Unless you are at a very busy intersection, scooter and car drivers do as they please on the road. Surprisingly, there was zero road rage witnessed.

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  1. Aaron says:

    Wicked post and some really nice pictures! I was literally in Nha Trang at the very same time, even on Vinapearl island… did you go in the water park? And the sailing club?
    Anyway keep it up and thought you might want to have a look at my travel blog, got some nice features like a geo-tagged picture map etc that’s all fed from a nokia n95 and WiFi, let me know what you think…

  2. nocturnale says:

    Come to Malaysia. You won’t be disappointed.

  3. A9tm says:

    Awesome, I like your photos.
    Will you come Vietnam again?

  4. Edna says:

    You’re a certified travel bug, I see. Travelling truly broaden ones horizons. I’ve been to Folsom and had a fun adventure!