Warning! Gmail users beware, fake upgrade emails

UPDATE: According to a comment on digg, gmailupgrades.com has been taken down.

Important FYI update for any Gmail users. If you receive the following email in your Gmail account, do not follow the embedded link. With the recent announcement of Google paid Google storage upgrades, the following phishing emails will undoubtedly become more and more the norm.

Fake Gmail email screenshot

Dear Gmail customer
From now if you need more than 2 GB of space use this invitation and upgrade your account to 100 GB of space also you can register one free domain name via this invitation
your account upgrade will done after 24 hours
your invitation code is: http://gmailupgrades.com/Gmail-Account-Upgrade/…/
Thank You
Gmail Support Department

The email From: address is gmail-noreply@google.com. However, the “Mailed-by:” domain is marauder.websitewelcome.com. The link redirects to a website which looks very much like Gmail.

Screenshot of fake Gmail email

If did follow the link and entered your Google Account username and password, immediately visit Google’s Account Management [google.com/accounts/ManageAccount] to change your password. [Digg this]

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  1. Jon Lee says:

    [quote comment=”50721″]Thanks for the warning. I wish I could play around on this site, but OpenDNS won’t let me access the site.[/quote]
    Yup I use OpenDNS too and it’s great!

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  6. Adam Stanhope says:

    Of what value is a stolen gmail account when they can simply sign up for as many as they want?

    The only thing I can think of is that with a bunch of valid, real-world gmail accounts with histories of being used, they might be able to get away with spamming other gmail account addresses for longer than they would had they been sending spam using brand new accounts.

  7. Derek says:

    I know of a few people who save important registration confirmation emails in their Gmail accounts for reference at a later date. These confirmation type emails often include username / passwords.

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  9. os9user says:

    Somehow the picture changed while I was blogging this story. It went from a gmail picture to the picture you now see. It happened today at 11:20 EST… The URL to the picture is the same, however the picture itself has changed. Have you been hacked ???

    Details – I dug the story, and editted it , and grabbed the picture thru blogger. Somehow when I was posting my NEWS on my newsroom, the picture changed , I have a snapshot of my posting, and the source code to show blogger to see where the problem lies… any questions, just email me. Thank you for your time, OS9USER (Site Owner)

  10. Keith says:

    Never heard or received of this newsletter before. But, it is better to be safe than sorry. Good thing that you posted this article out.

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  12. Martyn says:

    You would have to be REALLY stupid to fall for somthing like this 😐

  13. Some time back a lot of paypal users had fallen into this trap. Gmail users have to be wary of this

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  16. michelle says:

    I had a email this morning from the suppose gmail team doing upgrades and that they need your email address,password,date of birth,and country u live in and stupid me did that and sent it back and now I have no way to access my work email and my home email and I have sent 10 emails to gmail to help me and no response so be careful there is that one out there and do not do what I did and send them the stuff because u will end up like me with all my work stuff lock in on gmail with no way to get it out because they changed the password and also changed my secondary email password to. So be careful